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Roronoa Zoro

New character presentation, the fierce pirate hunter ZORO! Some say he's a demon with the soul of a man, I mean the man with the demon soul, or a demon without a soul, something like that...

The Town Where The Marines Are

Coby & Luffy arrive in the town where the marines are. Name of the town? I don't have a clue.

Funny Town

As soon as they mention either 'Zorro' or 'Captain Morgan' people get silent. Haha.

Gates Of Islands Marine HQ

Destination reached!

Zorro Tied To A Pole

Target acquired! In the blaring sun Zorro is tied to the pole. He tells them to go away, but of course they don't do that.

Coby Does It Again!

Coby gets creative with his face.


This is Helmeppo, Captain Morgans son, a very disliked individual with a chin like a butt.

Little Girl

A little girl tries to give Zorro some Oni-Giri (rice balls) but Helmeppo gets in the way, eats one, doesn't like, stomps it on the ground. He has the girl thrown over the fence too. Think that's bad? Captain Morgan tries to get the little girl executed. Stewie (random marine soldier) didn't want to kill the kid so Morgan smacked him in the head with his axe.


Turns out the reason Zorro is standing in the sun is because he hit Helmeppos dog when it was about to attack the little girl. Helmeppo tries to make a deal, asks Zorro to give himself up for the townspeople, so they don't get executed. If he survives one month he's free to go.

Zoro's Sacrifice

Deal is done, and three weeks have gone, with Zorro still going strong, yet Helmeppo plans to kill Zorro tomorrow. Oh, the sorrow!

So anyhow. Luffy punches Helmeppo's butt(like)cheeks and goes to the marine base to get Zoro's swords so he can join the crew. On the way he accidentally demolishes a gigantic statue of Captain Morgan that is just being raised and the captain is obviously a bit pissed about it.

Nami Lurking Around

Oh, and Nami is somewhere nearby.

Captain Morgan

Here's captain Morgan, and that's where this episode ends. Sail on!


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