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One Piece 32

Whazzat? Nami together with the Arlong Pirates? Really?

A Sea Cow

Luffy & Co meet a sea cow.

Friggin Gigantic Sea Cow

The sea cow is friggin gigantic.

Dinner Is Served

It seems to be interested in food.

Sanji Offers A Meal

So Sanji offers it a taste.

Sanji Doesn't Offer A Meal

Sanji changes his mind.

Arlong's Terror

Meanwhile, back at the island Usopp just managed to escape from a merman and is sitting in a house drinking tea together with a blue haired stranger. A little kid is also present, one that tried to kill Usopp thinking he was a merman (because he had such a strange nose), he speaks about Arlong's terror, how he governs the whole island with fear and recently wiped out an entire village because they couldn't pay up (insanely high taxes). Nojiko (the blue haired stranger, no longer strange, err) tells the kid to go home, so he does.

Noijiko, Nami's Sister

It turns out Nojiko is Nami's sister.

Nami & Nojiko

Don't believe it? Here's proof.

Zoro Dives

Back at Arlong's place Zoro has been captured. Nami tells him to get lost and Zoro pushes himself backwards into the pool, legs and arms tied. Nami jumps in to save him, though obviously she doesn't use that word, she tells Arlong that she will "deal with him later".


Luffy & Co are on their way!


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