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Fairy Tail 53

Wendy?! Everybody's surprised. If you watched episode 49 you could catch a glimpse of her btw, carrying a stack of boxes on the train. Who knew she would be one of the main characters, huh? Go back and take a look if you missed the moment. Moving on...


A new character appears. It's love on first sight.


Charle! Is a cat. She's Wendy's mascot/assistant/etc. Happy tries to catch her attention. The other characters take a look at the opponents. There's...


Cobra! He uses poisonous snakes.


Racer! He is probably very speedy.


Hoteye! He wipes out entire armies for money.


Angel! A woman said to see into your heart.


Brain! The leader.

Fish & Love

And that's the lot of them. Natsu runs off to fight em and the rest can do nothing but follow. So off they go, to find the foe!

First Ally Goes Down

That other guy? His name was Ichiya. Iron Jura and he leave last, but it turns out Ichiya is no longer Ichiya. He (or she) uses a strange potion and Jura goes down.

Ichiya Is Down Already

There's the real Ichiya.

Rock Iron Jura & Angel

And that's Angel, and her two shape-shifting companions. It doesn't start well.

Angelic Like A Demon

Pegasus Gets Blasted

Meanwhile, Natsu & Co are running along happily, when Pegasus shows up. It seems there is hope, but then it is suddenly blasted down!


A Skull

The Enemy Appears

The foes appear! They beat down everyone easily, and it seems they have a clear advantage. Brain is about to deal the finishing blow when he sees Wendy. He then says "Wendy!" and looks surprised, and there it ends. Next episode.


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