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One Piece 4

Buggy The Clown


One Piece 3

Oh yeah, it's episode three! If this was a trilogy it could be the end of it. Fortunately it's not, and it's not a quadrilogy either, it's an infinity. The episode starts right in the middle of the action. Luffy is in the process of freeing Zoro, well actually he hasn't even started yet, he's just arrived with the swords.

Yay Swords


One Piece 2

Roronoa Zoro


One Piece 1

One Piece 1


Air Gear (2006)

Air Gear

I watched through the whole series yesterday night, and this morning, and now I'm here to give you my twentynine cents on it.

In general it was both surprisingly good and disappointing, the idea in itself was/is unique, the storyline filled with suspense and tidbits of comedy; still the animation wasn't always the most thoroughly made. Quality shifted, and I don't mean the different facial expressions and moods that rapidly shifted like machine-gun fire, but the overall quality of drawing. Sometimes there just wasn't enough, with all these great jumps and kicks and punches and fighting techniques they could have put so much more energy and motion into the drawings than they did.


Scarywater Shutting Down

This site was one of the first I stumbled across online in my pursuit of watchable anime years ago. It's grown big over the years, very big, and I'd like to give a show of exactly how big it has grown through a screencap of their statbox as of today...

Scarywater Shutting Down

Over 300 million downloads? Woah, that's the only number I need to read to be astounded. I remember when I first arrived there it was listing a few hundred torrents at most, without only a few seeders on each one. Since then the growth is best described as armageddon, and their downfall a concrete donkey, digging a hole straight through the very foundation on which we stand.

The message of closure was given on March 4, and is as with so many other similar cases due to lack of time. Seems like so many more people nowadays are getting better things to do than being online, or maybe it's just because the Internet is finally starting to grow old? Seems like the server is still up, they're just not taking in any new torrents, and the fansubs listing are slowly migrating to other trackers. The official message is as follows:

Due to my lack of time and money to keep maintaining this site, it will be shut down by March 12, 2010.

It has been a good ride, but all things must come to an end -- and seven years, in Internet time, is very close to an eternity.

Thank you all for putting up with me for all these years, and special thanks to jaf, who is the only reason this site is still operational, since he has been running it day-to-day for a long time.
A debt of gratitude is also owed to Swift Communications who, by providing a server free of charge, have halved the monthly costs for several years as well -- the remaining server is rented from ThePlanet, at $189/month. Ads alone have not been paying for that server for quite a while, but thank you for putting up with them nonetheless :-)

I should list many, many more people, and I should give much, much more text here. Alas I would surely forget some even then. So to all those who I have not mentioned, thank you. Also a big thank you to all who have donated over the years, however large or small a sum it may have been.

If you need to talk to me, please drop me a line.

It's been a good run! RIP

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