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The Lovely Hateful Hot Summer

What warmth!

I'm up late. All windows open. Managed to revise and post another dose of long overdue reviews, and am reluctantly about to head off to bed as soon as I finish writing this. Fortunately the nights are still cooler than the days, but it takes a while for the heat to leave the house, and when it finally starts to cool down... it's day again, and it heats up, and so goes the cycle.

On the bright side at least there's sunshine! On the plus I hear corona can't stand the heat either, so maybe this wave will kill off some bacteria too. It's about to get even warmer tomorrow though, over 30°C for three days straight, and for us cool folks with easily heatable thin wooden houses with dark roofs and no heat tolerance at all save for sauna, it's just too hot. I'm ready to move my mattress down to the bottom floor and sleep behind the sofa if need be. Maybe move down the computer too if it comes to a point where I just can't focus on doing what I'm supposed to here. I'm already slower than normal but... hanging on. Staying hydrated. I can do this.

That new platform at work btw? Nope, not yet. Maybe tomorrow; if not tomorrow hopefully the day after, or the day after that, because next week I leave. July 2. What a burden to get off my shoulders it'd be if we could get this platform launched with time to spare for occasional errors that might appear post-launch. I started writing this post two weeks ago, and just that felt way too short at this point. Down to one and ticking now, and heatwave in the midst...

Plenty of household dues that need handling before that departure too, and as much online hobby shizzle as possible with what time's left, plus of course: gotta move. The fat won't sweat away itself. I've been taking daily bike rides instead of walks - even the warm breeze relieves.

I'm emptying the freezer before I leave and I believe that - with the previously impending covid-19 pandemic potentially closing down society and life as we know it - we may have filled the freezer a bit more than we usually do when vacation usually looms and time usually comes to defrost it. Plans weren't so definitive this year. I find myself eating a bit more than I usually do now, even though I know it's not like somebody can't take care of whatever leftovers get left here. Or worst case: wait till I get back with the defrost mission.

Also I finished Naruto, and have moved onto Chrono Crusade since. More on that in some other post. For now I'm a attempt to persevere through this imminent dose of surplus warmth, and maybe go through a few more reviews if time allows it. Also don't miss this GOG giveaway.

Summer's great, but you really need a lake to handle certain summer days with a certain wonder/grace... or air conditioning.

Launch Conditions

Launch Conditions

Finna need more humidifiers after all those SpaceX launches. Source.

Wiz Khalifa Tweets

Wiz Khalifa Tweets

Wiz Khalifa's Twitter, early summer 2019.

Meant to post these last year.

The first Gröna Lund concert of 2019 was Wiz Khalifa, and as he's a California-based artist I was impressed with his fortitude! It snowed. It was cold as hell. He didn't comment on the unfavorable climate even once, put up a great show and tweeted this stuff. Promoting Sweden like no other. :)

I've been a fan only peripherally before this but he's a solid dude.



Pay what you want! All proceedings go to this.

Check out their Quarantine Activity Center too. Musically I'm honestly a bit disappointed - I wasn't as overwhelmed by the tracks or lyricism this time as I've been in the past, but I was thoroughly impressed by the RTJ site.

I've never visited before I think. Screencapped and archived it just in case. I think it's running WP too.

Riot On...

Those riots are really taking the world by storm lately, and of course Corona cases are rising as a result... I've been reading up, but not speaking up on the issue since I don't feel I have a right to say much about it. I'm neither the right race nor in the right place, though I guess I might as well vent my thoughts here, on home ground.

There may be bias. I only have my own perspective after all.

These demonstrations: For some reason they made their way here too, and Corona cases in Stockholm are on a steady increase once again as well. Thousands of people gathered at Sergels Torg last week, even though those who arranged the meet aimed to keep it small, and for all to keep their distance. Fifty people tops.

It turned out a peaceful protest, despite plenty of provocation from the crowd. The police handled it admirably. They kept their distance. They didn't respond.

Is this really what we need in a time of crisis though? People attempting to ignite the seemingly long lost flame of segregation again, and start a race war here too, all in the lieu of patronage with genetically similar brethren from another part of the world? Is focusing on injustices of old really the right way to attain, or even to preserve, the unity we do have today? And is the DNA between us really that different? Is upholding your own race first and foremost now really more important than upholding the value of life, overall? I know there are still probably injustices that need to be squashed, but this is not the way, nor the time, nor the place for it.

Are you really showing you deserve the equality you claim you don't have already like this? Things might be different in the US, but even if we did have the same gaps and ghettos this just doesn't seem like the right way. This makes things worse for all of us. If your vengeance is so important to you that you're willing to drag innocents into your crusade then you're no better than the ones you fight.

Why not pay respect to your elders instead. The people who are now getting sick because of you who choose to join the fray and fight for forgotten causes. They're the ones who are really mistreated these days, and often without the vitality or awareness to take a stand for themselves in our so very rapidly evolving; technologically savvy and clouted social order. Supposedly hospitals here are giving older people morphine instead of oxygen if they can't breath, as a result efficiently killing them, as it further deprives their cells of the oxygen they so clearly need.

D-vitamin deficiency provenly worsens the disease too, so if you happen to have some folks who happen to be black, they might be all the worse off.

I do envy the level of protective pigmentation my comparably sub-par tan never manages, no matter how long the summer, but in this case it's not just a benefit. You're potentially killing the people you claim to fight for.

When we already have a crisis on our hands, and are handling it as best we can (never mind the politicians - they can't handle anything anyway), you go and fan the flames of chaos even more.

And is raising black people to have an understanding that they're oppressed really the right way to amplify their potential as human beings? The right way to get rid of whatever stereotype and oppression may still linger? If you feel oppressed it makes sense you'd act oppressed. If you feel and/or act oppressed you won't feel or act as equals. If you feel oppressed, won't your oppressors also keep on attempting to treat you as what you perceive you are? All of this feels like playing right into their hands.

I'm not saying the problems aren't real, but I don't see how this is the right way to tackle them. I'm relatively privileged and undeniably white, I know it's not my say, but I do believe the world would be a greener lawn if we could all just get along. And it seems that of all ways to get there, this one way of getting there is just wrong. This doesn't build a bond.

Provocation won't ever bring about peace. And won't sacrificing yourselves for the cause then cause even more of a will for it? It's a complex and emotional issue, I understand that, but I really don't understand this way of thinking. Fanning the flames with gasoline.

All lives matter. Stay safe. Solve problems. Make the world a better place.

Random Wisdom Widening Life Advising Comment Excerpt

Sometimes people say things inspiring enough that you respond with similes with so perfect visual acuity they're worth eternalizing and thus make their way to this here blog...

Indeed life's all about equinoxes, beginnings and ends, cycles, good and bad, the balance of all. When you hit rock bottom it'll get better, and when you're at the top you'll probably fall down, but as long as you just keep on going you can keep reaching these moments of happiness along the way. Maybe climbing the mountains quicker, lingering on each peak longer when you're there, and learning to fall without hurting yourself all as much when you do. The journey may be bumpy but when you learn to handle those bumps it's a fun ride after all.

Props @Oh-Sama.

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