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My Bike

Just as I was planning to start taking the bike a part of my commuting distance each morning, from Kungsängen to Bro, in an effort to drastically improve my state of being come this summer: it's gone. The bike. Gone.

They stole it. Fucking assholes. Chopped or sawed through the solid metal ABUS 46/150 U-lock and rode away with it. Or stuffed it in a truck and rode away with that. Whatever they did with it. Middle of the day. Right in front of the train station. I came back from work to find the remains of the lock just hanging there on a metal rod.

If you happened to read the blog a few years back you'd know I was pretty fond of this bike. I haven't used it as much as I used to use it back when it was bought, but the past years I've been at least taking it back and forth to the train station whenever weather allowed, and sometimes when it didn't - slithering slow in slush and snow - but now those days are over.

I filed a report with the police and insurance company after dinner (who'll no doubt cut a slice off the original price - hopefully it at least qualifies for insurance), and am now looking for new buys again... it probably won't be anything within the same price range, since it wasn't cheap, and I'd hate to lose a new one, but then again you won't get any larger a return on your insurance with a cheaper bike than a more expensive one so... will maybe reconsider when/if that claim goes through.

Also hear there's GPS tracking stuff available these days. Camouflageable.

I'm keeping a close eye on second-hand sites too. If a familiar bicycle just happens to pop up you'd better believe I'll be quick to proclaim my interest in said item. Meet up with the seller. Somewhere dark. Desolate. Wielding a suitably blunt and heavy object to exact justice upon said individual in the event that my precious property not be willingly returned to me...

Well no. I'll probably just bring company.

Company with blunt objects.

Wouldn't that be cool though? If the bike actually pops up on a second-hand site somewhere, I mean. If it's actually possible to get back.

I don't really believe it ever will be, or that official officials will ever stumble upon it either. For now I'm waiting on the insurance claim to go through, and seeing what new and/or second-hand purchase the budget will then allow me. Already looking, but I guess I'm walking to the train tomorrow.

I really liked that bike though. It's not just a financial thing, even if that part does feel pretty sour. Especially since I paid extra for bike insurance for three years... right up till this one. Figures. Don't steal bikes y'all.

Or better yet: don't steal.

The Plate Flip Trick

The Plate Flip Trick

Now this really flips your mind a bit.

Article 13

Pretty crazy that this was the 13th article I ever posted here. It's not just China now... and yes I know it's 15 and 17 now. 13 was bad publicity.

Also go check out NG. That's where the jokes are. The cynical and ever relevant ones. The Unquestionable Truth.

Musicalish #286

Some more music? Nah...

Read on...


Hey I just want to write!

Can't you see that? I yell at the impostor. I yell at the world. I yell at the poster. I yell at myself. I yell in my room. I yell on the train. I yell in the line at the supermarket with a cart full of watermelon. I yell in my mind.

The world can't hear me.

But it's not strange if I don't speak up. It's not strange they don't hear my music if I don't put it up on Spotify, Strange Music TM.

Or like Dax take it to YouTube. It's dax.

I don't know if I'm ready but I don't think I'll ever know either, though at least I have a job that lets me hone my creative skillsets while I do other things. I mean literally. I mean literal skillsets. I mean.

No I'm pretty nice tbh.

And that's another thing that bugs me. Acronyms. In LOWERCASE.

I just want to let it all out here. I want to let y'all know. I want to be like Nietz sometimes and just let all flow. I know I live a protective life in a projective world, but I vent, even if I can't extend my arm to the slimy underbelly I know through my penthome door. Just want to vent some more. Give me air. Need to breath. Psychological asthma. Haaaaaa. Nhhhhh. Phhhhhhhhhhhhh.


They should leave the wires.


Stop getting musicians off the street.


Is what we need to live.


Don't take them.



It all goes so much better when I write it like this. Like it's meant to be: written. Like spoken word... just ain't my thing. I'll relapse to this like that ellipses.


And if I record I can keep the beat.

The Vernal Holi (day)

It's the first day of spring today! AKA The Vernal Equinox.

A co-worker reminded me. It doesn't really look like it but it does feel different. It's getting brighter. The sun is up on the slow train from work - I'm reading a book about how to make a tree. The streets are free from winter gravel on the way home - hastily swept up by clumsy machines. Humans will do the second sweep. Robots aren't all this awesome. Yet.

Over in the Hindi hemisphere it's currently Holi(day)! The air's dusty with color, and celebrations sound all over town. Thanks for the well-wishes DIWAKAR! May the day by golly be holly. Hey.

I ordered a new microphone a couple of days ago, and it's arrived. It's waiting in a probably dark compartment in a recently closed shop.

It's a Shure SM58. A legend. A considerable upgrade from my previous no-name dynamic DM-2. A new pop filter should be in the same box, so I can finally discard the nylon sock on a wire, and a portable mic stand too so I can try the other condenser without holding it, which probably drastically reduced the effects of the vibration shield last time I tried it. But wait... I couldn't even get it working last time. Missing drivers? I shall try again.

If that doesn't work though I'm pretty confident that dynamic's the way to go. It can take a beating. It can take some noise. It's good for hiphopping. For heaving a voice. It's the evening of choice! Things be popping. Steady improvements. The barren wasteland's about to bloom: room about to turn into a studio: studio about to go boom.

Hope to pick up the Shure tomorrow anyway, and I'm heading off on my last quick trip (last before summer... maybe) this weekend. And after that: I'm overdue to make some tunes.

Spring does feel pretty soon.

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