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750 Word Badges 2023

750 Word Badges 2023

I done been writing for a minute now apparently. :)

Consistent writing count credibility in the form of incremental visual collector-based badge nobilities above - got the final badge last year.

Screencapped for posterity.

On Covid

Bill Gates & Joe Rogan...

Controversial; unconstitutional; some may say unwelcome truths. :)

Foo Fighter Tour Cancellations

The Foo Fighter Tour Cancellation Message

RIP Taylor Hawkins... crazy how soon after that movie this all went down.

It's almost... *shall say no more*

The Early Oliver Anthony Music Site

Oliver Anthony TBC!

Archived a little glimpse of the website before it launched.

He's still not ranking at the top of search though, wonder if it'd be worth offering him some SEO services to boost the ranking...

It's an interesting case where the media makes you famous before you've had a chance to do so yourself, or have any content to show for it! Unofficial sites will thus at least initially have more authority than official ones, and since they were both around before the official one, and potentially much larger, it'll be difficult to overtake them even after you have your own site all ready.

This is how it all started though, officially.

How it really started.

Hertz 100 Free Rentals

Hertz 100 Rentals

Been using this car rental service called Hertz Freerider recently.

Free rental cars! Within a certain distance, and time, and at the availability of whatever destinations they need certain cars driven between...

If you're flexible with your travel plans - and they actually have stations on both of said destinations you travel between - it's very useful though.

They had an even hundred trips available recently.

So yeah. That's the screencap.

Leffe Luis Tweet Response

Leffe Luis Tweet Response

Just got a pretty cool Twitter response a while back. :) In regard to this.

Screencapped for posterity.

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