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All That I Missed

Holy shit time just flew by the last couple of weeks! This thing kept me preoccupied a bit, but I'm fixing it. I've actually been working on it today too. Hope to send off a rough draft of it before the day is done, and before tomorrow cause then it's Christmas. Just thought I'd post a quick Sunday recap before then.

So what have I been up to the last month? A lot. Bout to get into that. I'm listening to Mac Miller right now. RIP. Also shout-out again to Comicks, and a great but tiny concert that's fueled me for quite a few of these days.

Also don't wreck the net!

My nail's still black, but feels alright. I'm good on the backup front. I've been updating a few of my computers too, and read about how if you're on Windows 7 you'd better make sure to stay up-to-date in February or you'll miss out on the rest of the updates. They're adding encryption, and then dropping support for updates without it. Way to get rid of all people not actively using their Windows 7 machines.

But as for life-related stuff again: I'm all better from that stomach flu. I'm working out now, and things are all working out now... but for most of this month I didn't feel like I had time to. I took a company course late November (super nervous but also super fun - it was super expensive but fortunately the company paid for that), I've tried Sushirullen (it's a new fast-food concept here - sushi rolls), had a movie afternoon with an old buddy, went to TGI with another buddy one day (that was the restaurant we'd booked before that thing), went to a special pizzeria with that same buddy a few days later, sold and sent out a view items via auctions, spent a few days in Ă–stersund visiting my brother (it snowed all the time while we were there! Amazing first taste of winter, and apparently we arrived with their first real snow too). Fantastic trip. Going back there in January.

I've had some annoying train delays to and from work though, of which the longest happened just when I'd jumped off the train to get some sushi rolls. Another day I jumped off a train and fetched some sushi, and then came back in time to catch the same train. We've only had sushi twice this month. Yupp, great delays on both of those days.

Another day we came from Ă–stersund and had to wait like half an hour on the train home, after arriving half an hour late by train. A few other days I sat on late trains training at Advance Wars (I'm 500 hours in right now). But for the most part the trains haven't been late... so that's good.

We had our Christmas dinner at work, this year at Koh Phangan: Sweden's oldest Thai restaurant (it's named after an island - if you recognize the name), took a final shopping tour with that buddy mentioned earlier the day after, went to our yearly Little Christmas event with a few relatives and friends, have booked in a few more trips for next year, bought a tree, and this weekend we've been prepping for Christmas. Which is tomorrow. Received some Christmas gifts and had some Christmas tea at work this past Wednesday, and this week the snow came rolling in down South too.

Have taken a couple refreshingly bright walks this weekend and hope to take a few more next week because: I'm free! Christmas vacation. Finally have time to record some random stuff like this (I'll be uploading those here later on), and that's... pretty much it? Hope to have some time to spare on the site too, and catching up on all sorts of fun things... and less fun things. So much to clear before the New Year, as always. Like this one track I'll hopefully get done tonight. Right after I post this. Pardon any potential typos since I plan on not thoroughly revising it before I post. There'll be time for that later.

Bet I'll be packing in gifts and spending time with the family in a bit.

It's been a good month, but I did not realize it had been a month since my last weekly post here! Really feels like I've been doing more things than I have, apparently... though plenty of this time has been spent at work, more hectic than usual, and plenty with this. That's been intense! Priorities right?

So that's basically it for this quick month-long catch-up mashup of mostly good times and though some tiresome times no mishaps much. I wish you all the best, in this very merry season where you'd better cherish the very rare spare time you have and spend time with your peers with utmost care! Hope to share a bit more these coming days, and it definitely won't be this long again until my next long post. Knock on wood.

Merry Christmas.

A Fix For The Thing

I stall. I do other stuff. I start getting motivated and I stay up late, but then I slow down, give up and go to bed stressed. And wake up late. And feel stressed the next day too.

This is the one thing I want to kick for the new year. This and a lot of other things... but this is the one thing.

I've said I'd make my old resolutions post public when I'd accomplished my mission therein posted, but it seems I'm not there quite yet...

Third time's the charm, right? Year-like alarm.

But this year I think I'll have a new list ready when the time comes. Guidelines for self-betterment. Just a few, because humans love a challenge but only when it's one they actually feel capable of accomplishing.

Maybe that's been my err in the past.

This time... no errors. Grade A. A shade of gray.

Just Because You Have Their Attention...

Just because you have their attention, doesn't mean you have their respect.

Here's The Thing

So here's the thing: I've been stalling with this one thing for way too long at this point. Way too long.

I flushed my nostrils with salt yesterday, wrote this (yes all of this), and I have some free time today (yes I wrote this part yesterday too) so I'm... going to do it.

Do what? That's not important right now. Nor is why I haven't done it already. I'm done with my morning routine, I'm caught up on social media (the important stuff anyway), and I have no reason to stall any more. What's important is that I am doing this.

I'll leave this post here until it's done. Maybe I'll be back to write some more later today. Maybe later. Wish me will power. Outage.

The Dystopian Dream

Earlier this week I woke up from the most dystopian dream I've had so far.

It started pretty cool. Me and a group of people I no longer remember were walking around the outskirts of a city, on a sandy area that was either desert or beach, when we came across a large, empty canal cut out in the sand. It had flat, sloping edges, and a flat bottom, all polished and straight, leading out towards the ocean where the excavators were just about to clear the final stretch to the water, and have it all come rushing in.

I imagined being at the bottom of that canal, and drawing that canal, with sketchy and slating lines to really capture the edges, and then came the water. Instantly the ocean swept its way in; filling it with water. I was surfing on the waves. I followed the rise. I witnessed the water first-person as it claimed the bay.

It turned out this was all a part of filming a new music video for Eminem, and the canal wasn't the biggest part, but more importantly the gigantic mountain of sand that towered behind it, rising to the left of the canal like skyscrapers of a city. The contours of the sand wall weren't obvious at first, but when they said it was supposed to look like the back end of a Chevrolet we could see it clearly. The lightning shifted. It looked like a rusty icon dredged down into the sand, lost to the decades that'd passed before it.

And behind this sand wall there was actually a city, with colorful lights and flickering neon. It was night, but it was bright. We walked along the aisles (because they really were more like aisles than regular streets and sidewalks), and looked up at the lit skies with awe.

Then it was time to go back, and this is where the dystopia started. The sky was once again that of an early morning with thin clouds filtering the sunlight, and we crossed a bridge to get home.

I didn't remember that bridge being there before.

At the highest point there was an intersection, with the crossing road leading straight into a wall of rubble, and we saw excavators or bulldozers shoving around large rocks below in a landfill of gigantic proportions, a field of stones and pitfalls deep below us, so large it'd be impossible to cross, and impossible to climb without the stones tumbling down on you.

It was like the excavators kept the field alive: a deceptive stretch of living stones just waiting to crush and bury you. A set of guards waited on the bridge, and I don't remember why but at first they wouldn't let us through.

But then they did, and I ran home, past this barren land, and embarked onto a forest road that slithered by a river, with dry autumn-like grass and leafless trees shimmering in the sun, the water running wild beside me.

Eventually the road became flooded, and I didn't want to go any further with my regular shoes, so I ran back again, thinking about how different the world was as soon you managed to get outside the s city. The divide was instantaneous as soon as you went down from the bridge and came into the forest. The light. The colors.

Everything was vibrant and full of life, and it might not sound like it, but that intersecting bridge was the heaviest notion of future dystopia I've ever been in. As I stood by the guard post I felt caged like I don't think I ever have in real life.

But then I was out, back in the wild, and I'm sure there was a bit more to my dream, like this fight with police I have some vague memory of (it ended with them letting me out, asking if I'd had some time to think about what I did, and I just said yes, the police are my enemy now, that's it).

Then I woke up to frosty landscapes and a warm winter sun.

Life's not so bad after all.

Musicalish #280

Real rap's coming back! :D This one's for Dax, but let's start with some...

Read on...

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