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The Wonders Of Bathroom Lighting

Woke up this morning, walked into the bathroom, and the light was shining! What a feeling...

The fluorescent light above the mirror broke earlier this week. I started biting down on a flashlight each time I went, and assumed it'd be just a short-term thing. We had a spare tube in storage. I worked home for the first day, flashlight nearby, and we brought in the spare later on... it didn't work. Turns out it wasn't a spare after all. It was an old one.

So another day went by. We dug up a headlamp. I placed it strategically above the mirror as to light up as much of the ceiling as possible during my cold morning shower, and kept it in the hallway for the rest of the day. After work I took a ride to the local store to buy a new tube... they were out. Tried another place. No luck there either. Too late to embark anywhere further away.

And so one more night went by! I brought in a color-shifting LED apple for the morning shower the next day, night came again and finally: we got that replacement.

I'd grown accustomed to walking into the bathroom and flicking the light switch by habit, only to remember some fraction of a second later that it didn't work, then go grab that headgear instead.

Walking in now it's suddenly surprising to see the light evenly whiting the walls. Like magic illuminating the entire room. You don't realize how special it really is, in a room without windows, to totally eradicate the darkness with widespread electrical bearing, as we do each day.

The wonder of bathroom lighting... I'll never take it for granted again.

At least maybe not for a few more mornings.

Only The Dead...

Only the dead have seen the end of war.

At One Day's End

Was planning to write, record and review a bunch of stuff tonight, but I'm just too tired to collect my thoughts properly. Instead I write this, and if that's no paradox then what? How can I formulate a blog tolerably yet not take care of anything more worthwhile?

It's been a good day though. I took a walk with a buddy for the first time in a month or so - first person outside of the family in a month or so too. First person that I know, that I've interacted with during this lengthening self-isolation phase for real. Usually it's just cashiers and strangers.

The sun shone, the water glistened in a cold tone, the freshwater beach lay barren and inviting... but we weren't there for that. Just a quick mutual stroll in airy isolation, before the traditional Tuesday shopping round with a 5% pensioner rebate a the family. They installed the new washing machine this morning too. All is good.

It's fun to drive. I've started wondering how much of a risk of getting pulled over it'd be if you happen to drive twice the speed limit for just a while on the freeway between shop and home... just wondering.

I'm reminded of another buddy that's still home with corona; a cough and a tiredness that doesn't seem to seize. After three weeks. Jeez.

But that's all. This Corona thing... sometimes doesn't feel like a thing after all.

The Act Of Being Humble

I'm learning the art of being humble, but I miss that guy, cause sometimes I feel like a bitch. But I know if he comes back, he's bringing hell with him.

If we could all trace our steps back to some real hell maybe we could all get real humble...

The United States Government

The United States government is like a crazy person living next door that's got a bazooka.might be helpful if someone threatens you and you need help,but being crazy you have to keep a wary eye pointed in their direction too

At Sunday's End

Pico Day, May the 4th... all these occasions pass by in a landslide of passed time lately. Hope you had a good one though! May the fours be with you.

I've been busy. With work and with Serious Sam, though there's plenty of other dues I should be working out. First the second game, then the first encounter, now the second - though I'm taking a break from that today.

I tuned in to follow Watsky's surprise attempt at the world record in freestyle time earlier this week, where he attempted AND SUCCEEDED in going for a whooping 33 hours straight! And 33 minutes. And 33 seconds. On a live stream. I don't think my voice would last even one hour, never mind the freestyle bit. These are insane. There's footage on Vimeo too. Apparently Internet went down in LA so there's certain outage, but maybe that footage is floating around there somewhere too. Edit: it's all on Vimeo. Maybe YT just sliced off some bits for copyright.

It was a COVID relief thing too. Raised over a hundred thousand dollars. Mad respect. Hope he gets into Guinness.

In site-related news I did finally push through and fix up various typos and other editorial issues that'd been left along the way since way back in June last year last weekend. I left a memo here. It's done! Now to never fall behind so massively again, and catch up equally in other areas that aren't yet equally caught up on that I am also massively behind in...

Our washing machine just broke and a new one's arriving next week too. But for the most part life's going well enough. Vacation plans are taking shape. It wouldn't be summer without at least a month or two up North, so hopefully we can work our way around travel limitations and other complications to really make that happen. Hopefully the important platform-launching dues that remain at work are well done by then and we can all depart in peace; partake in those farm-based festivities only vast land can provide...

Plane tickets are suddenly twice the price, seats are limited, travel times are limited, the airline I usually fly with isn't flying at all until the 15th of June and their competitor is sold out this month - it's possible those dates will get further postponed if the covid-19 situation isn't better contained by then too, but it seems there's at least a way.

The initial plan is now to all drive up together early June, then take a plane back after (if work allows) a quick first week, and then fly back for July, when I've already booked tickets at a pre-Corona price. This hoping nothing's cancelled; everybody stays healthy until then.

The spread's not as bad up there, and we'd pretty much be self-quarantined by default when there. Away from people. Away these big city pandemic woes. Fingers crossed nothing unwanted occurs before departure time comes...

Been working from home for over a month now otherwise. We speak via Skype. I grind on in solace. Take daily walks for lunch with vest and wrist weights, eat by the computer and go shopping every Tuesday in company of those pensioners who don't seem to care as much; don't stay home as willingly as my parents. Surreal yet monotone times... also if you're curious as to the real covid-19 origins, you might want to read this.

Cyberdevil over and out y'all. Have a good week.

At least try to. You
Might follow advice better
If it's in haiku.

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