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Unorthodox Bright

Haiku for a bright
Morning when the world wakes up
To life...

(Ellipses - three syllables.)

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But What Should I Title These Posts...

It's been about two weeks since I posted my last dose of reviews here, and though I have watched a few new since, I haven't gotten around to posting them yet simply because I still haven't finished revising the previous batch!

Ugh. I mean Arg. Maybe *sigh* too. It's little things like this that really drain my energy. Getting stuck on something so trivial for so long.

I'm doing my best to take care of these revisions today though, on my free day of the week, so hopefully that one task will be off my back before tomorrow begins. Officially. Midnight's the deadline. Then I sleep.

...after a little bit of reading Detective Conan (I'm on book 31 now).

In other news I've fixed the formatting on a few pages here, and felt like writing a blog so I'm just throwing that out there along with this other thing. This internal struggle. This common and reoccurring aggravation of everyday life that I'd do best (and should have an easy time) without.

I'm also stuck on what seems like an endless series of revisions on a guest verse I've been given the honor of recording, and have a bunch of takes to sift through to hopefully find some good ones I can send to that artist.

I wrote the verse in a jiffy but since then I'm slowly losing the energy required to make a great take with each new one I make. It seems true that the best ones are the first few, but with this particular verse I challenged myself more than usual, and have had to practice a bit to manage it with the clarity and energy an album verse requires. Should probably practice on other tracks and nail my takes from the first one, right? That'd be so much easier.

I've also been participating in Inktober this month, and am saving up a collected body of work to post on the final few days of October... which should be in just a couple of days now. The past two years I drew something in Flash every day, but this time I'm switching things up a bit by doing my doodles within Drawing Grounds, and not just the daily 'free draw', but also at least one new round, and one continued round every day. So: three doodles a day. I've just missed a single day so far, when I was in Lithuania, which reminds me I'd planned to post about that too...

Oh well. Time flies lately. My sister's birthday's coming up quick, and it's her Fortieth! So that's bound to be something special. It's on Halloween. We're getting quests this weekend, I'm going to a museum after work tomorrow, and maybe after this things will calm down a bit. Maybe.

I keep thinking I want to do more spontaneous things, like this. Just write when I feel like it. Let those words out into the world, into the wind, into the ether... and treat this place like the playground it truly is. No restrictions. Hopefully this is a start.

And hopefully I stop getting stuck on revisions too.

If Iron Can't Be Bent...

If iron can't be bent, it will be broken.

If We Don't Discipline Ourself...

If we don't discipline ourself, the world will do it for us.

The Bird Dream

I dreamt of autumn fields, sun, a fading day, trees swaying in the wind as I lay on the grass and feathers.

Mom was coming closer - done with some chores further down the field, and I spotted a couple of fieldfares high up on the strawberry nets. I called out about it, but the net wasn't all in place, and one of them seemed to be getting ready to dive through, down to the ripe berries below. So I stretched out my left foot towards one of the sustaining poles, intending to scare them away.

Bam. I kick the wall by my bed. The sound vibrates through my head, the pain wakes me up and I wonder if I need some Arnica Gel for my foot... and sorry neighbors! If you were sleeping on the other side of that wall I'm pretty sure you're not sleeping any more. Ouch. Oh well. Maybe I could go back to the birds and feathers and fragile dream...

No luck. Guess I'm up a little earlier today.

It's Autumn!!!

It really is. I just have to concur with my earlier assessment.

Yesterday's concert was awesome, but would've been cold if I wasn't wearing a few layers, wool socks, a hat, a raincoat... I was ready.

I managed to get a spot under the edge of a roof, at the front line, with the driest slice of the crowd behind me and a perfect view of the stage - over the line of umbrellas certain people refused to close at the outskirts of the arena.

The rain poured, and occasionally a sheet of raindrops swept in under the roof. The spotlights played through the haze and the water sprayed around the crowd. I would've liked to join in, but with an hour home in icy downpour it probably wouldn't have been too wise.

Today a cold wind blows outside, and the first leaves swirl with the breeze. The trees have started shedding here too - turning yellow under the icy autumn sun. Fall. Don't we all.

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