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Those Who Make Peaceful Revolution Impossible...

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

The Incredible Ibex

That Ibex is pretty incredible.

Back & Backup Post

Hey y'all. Just gotta mention I'm back a bit before I leave again. One final summer weekend up North. Not really summer per se but you get what I'm saying, yeah? The wild life. I'll be back in a bit. Bags packed and that's it.

The Backup Post

Was going to check in and post a bit about how I was back a bit, back when I was, but now - ten work days, two full weekends and eight concert nights later - I'm off again. Off the grid. Off the lid. Super stoked when: life is open.

And if it rains? Be super soaking.

See y'all again later this September! I have big plans this time. As usual. Summer fires you up. Let's see if maybe this winter I can actually keep that fire going; make something of that drive.

Got a new car btw. Smooth transition. My first car. More on that later.

It's raining here today, on this side of the equator.
But don't just sit inside! Get out there and saver.
The way we live our lives, the way we regret or we waver.
It's not the way. I think I'll stop today.

I'll see you greater.

Life's A Cake

Life's a cake and then you diet!

It's Time

And so I'm off! To the Northern Norths. To summer. Maybe I'll stop by some day.

I guess I'll leave revising those most recent last minute posts till I get back huh, and go through the ones I didn't have time to post in the first place, and upload this thing first of all. Public reminder. For now though I'm leaving my dues behind. Time to look onward. Time for... good times.

Unless you happen to live in Saudi or a similarly sublimely sunny place: it's a short season, so enjoy it while it lasts! Steal the breeze, kneel on trees, see the seas, feel at ease...

Have a good one y'all! Peace.

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