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I'm On

This stress follows me.

Distress follows me.

Trying to calm down. Trying to fight my wallowing.

Galloping through tomorrow like it's yesterday, stressed I say, trying to feel blessed yet still I step to shame. Can't reclaim my own soul. Rock and roll's a livestream that I won't go to with a GoPro. A style I can't call my own. Dues they pile, am I wrong? To keep on. To do things like it's leap year and I'm legion. It's foolish of me maybe. I seek to flee to freedom.

Summer time is coming with a different set of dues. And this regret to lose. I hope it works as planned.

Summer time is coming and I'll shimmer till I'm steeped. In all things that won't stoop. Till I am huge and grand.

Summer time is coming yet it's a feeble hope I think. Cause lately all my summers have been gone within a blink. If I want to change my life I need to start with the sink - not the running water. It's become a slaughter. How much can I drink?

Summer time is coming with another hope though. With a sun and PE. So when I'm done I'll be free. I can run so I'll flee. I'll be strong so I'll lift. All the burdens that now weigh me down and try to find bliss. Like the highest skylift.

I will. My will. I hope? Aye


I'm Off

Tomorrow! To the North! To our fated summer days before the summer really springs to grace at our summerplace...

Feeling kind of melancholy for some reason though. Maybe because it'll be such a short trip, maybe because I don't really feel at peace with all the dues I have here, but maybe actually because I do, and this is how you feel when you relax after a big wave of tension? It's been a lot this last week. And weekend. Pressure levels on the level I imagine some people might've been living with all through this pandemic; that I might not have been able to properly imagine before this...

My confidence levels feel lower. Sense of purpose lower. Sensations of exhilaration over the trip. Life force and all. Lower. I feel like either I just want a good night's sleep or I want to get out of here ASAP. Flee the burdens I associate with this place and find some people...

I meant to write peace there actually. Subconscious saying differently?

Is it all that bad though? Don't know. If I rest up maybe this'll let up. Maybe it's just tonight, after a long week and then some with no proper winding down.

I'm logging off for tonight now, and for the rest of the week! See y'all in a bit. When I'm back again and maybe: got a grip.

The Thing Worse Than Rebellion...

The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion.

On Oppression

Can you embed videos so they start at a particular point? Let's see now.

If it doesn't work feel free to jump to the 45 second mark here.

Six Things To Mind

1. When you are alone, mind your thoughts.
2. When you are with friends, mind your tongue.
3. When you are angry, mind your temper.
4. When you are with a group, mind your behavior.
5. When you are in trouble, mind your emotions.
6. When God starts blessing you, mind your ego.

You might want to mind the sixth one too, but never mind actually, the ego could be a problem regardless. Always best to mind it.

And wherever your blessing come from: be thankful for 'em.

12 Hours

Of work. Ugh. Fifteen minute lunch. Three hour drive back and forth.

You gotta chip in when it matters though, big move, the boss'll be slaving away at least tomorrow too, though my part was almost entirely network diagnostics. More running up and down stairs than carrying or packing boxes. And even after plenty of overtime we can't seem to get more than one computer connected at once. Can't reach router interface. Can't troubleshoot properly via router software. Can't create simultaneous connections via any combination of switches and/or modems and/or routers and/or network card configurations... but one's working, and one printer's working, and I'll be back at it on Monday.

Hopefully something magical happens then.

Maybe the only real problem's our modem. It was built (and used) for ADSL. Apart from that we only have switches. We might need something different for the first link.

For now though I'm about to sleep deep and hopefully enjoy the weekend. Maybe even rest up a little. Though we'll be celebrating with some relatives tomorrow and Sunday's Mother's Day and next week we're driving up North on Thursday, hopefully... so maybe no rest for a while now.

Haven't felt this burnt out in a while. But it's a satisfying kind of burn for once, today, network setup failures or no. And the new office actually seems kind of cozy... maybe I'll feel at home there after all. Time will tattle.

I did my best! Now let's get rest. Then let's go battle.

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