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Adapt To Your Generation But...

Adapt to your generation but don’t forget your culture.

It's The Day...

...for some good tricking!

Edd's Day

RIP Edd Gould, 1988-2012.

He's been gone ten years now, though he created a legacy that's outlived him by far, with both fans and family contributing not only mementos but truly keeping his characters alive even to this day.

His profile still houses his contributions to the world, and has during the last couple of years seen a resurgence of new content. Eddsworld lives on under his name, and profile, in the hands of a capable and commited little crew of new animators that are taking over where he left off.

Hat(s) off to you Edd!

You did so much with the little time you had. You helped so many. You inspired so many. You left a legacy that'll live on for at least as long as you lived, and hopefully far beyond your time. It's uplifting to see, and to still have a laugh at and with the characters you created.

Maybe next year I'll have time to make a proper artistic homage, for now: RIP. And live on.

On Headaches, And Jocko, And Jack...

I got one of those migraine-like headaches again, ugh...

I hate feeling like this. Though I've been listening to a lot of Jocko podcasts recently (I'm listening to one right now, actually, just momentarily pausing it to write this) so I'm going like a machine anyway. Just in a little more calm and collected a way, as to not unnecessarily aggravate my thumping head and just a moment ago brewing sense of nausea.

The more I get done today though the less I have to do tomorrow, and the more peace of mind I can have then the more probable I'll feel better then, and do good things, or feel good about whatever things I do.

Discipline does equal freedom.

Whether you see that as implying it's good to be a sheep and not scrutinize the world so much (ignorance is bliss - the less you know the better life seems) or more so as the fascinating concept of how if you commit yourself to routine, and to focus, and to will yourself to do what needs doing, then you can truly do anything.

The world is your shrimp, as I say.

The common saying being about oysters makes sense in regard to that pearl an oyster sometimes harbors, but I like shrimp better, and if I have a shrimp it's guaranteed there is a shrimp, whereas an oyster is no guarantee of a pearl, so I do believe my just-now-invented simile shines somewhat brighter than the old one.

It is pretty amazing how an oyster creates treasure out of dirt, though.
The collective pollution of humankind filtered through the fleshy essence of a shielded organism; transformed into something so perfect and pure.

Also, randomly, recently obtained tidbit of useful know-how: If your vanilla bean has white spots, and you store it cold, it might not be mold.

The vanilla bean fat can seep through the surface of the bean and manifest in a similar way if you for example refrigerate it. If you leave the vanilla bean by a heat source for fifteen minutes and the spots disappear you'll know they were just fat after all, and it's still perfectly fresh and edible.

So make some sauce. That's all y'all. I'm about to watch a movie and try to calm down, breath deeply and let this headache maybe finally wane away... and if so go about the rest of the day in a way better way.

Go get it.

A Strange Kind Of Flex

Just a cup of cappuccino and a bite of something nice I find is a polishing kinda spice of life.

I must've stretched some strange kind of back muscle.

Didn't sleep too well last night. If I turn my neck the wrong way a strange kind of pain radiates down my left shoulder. I tried to stretch it away yesterday - sometimes that seems to work - but in this case it might've just made it worse. Aggravated the body in its ongoing attempts to heal, mayhaps?

So today I'm trying a different approach. I'm applying Arnica oil and avoiding any movements that cause pain.... after another failed attempt at getting rid of it the painful way again this morning.

Regarding my car and the ongoing troubles there I had both mufflers and the middle exhaust pipe swapped out last week.

A flex pipe before the catalyst was set to be swapped out too, so I'd bought up four spare pipes with varying circumference just to be sure I got the right one, but fortunately that particular bit was in better shape than my repairman initially thought it was! So I saved 1000 SEK on complicated extra splicing procedures, and returned spare flex parts for around 800 SEK, and apparently they might not have worked anyway.

There's a strange kind of flex on my catalyst.

Not the same design or breadth as the universal pipes I'd purchased. IOW not a common design. It might have worked anyway. Might not have. Not sure. Won't find out now.

The electrical problems may or may not be solved too, as we've had some awesomely warm spring days, the snow is melting fast - though nights are cold so the lake ice lingers - and assuming the problems are humidity-related they might be gone... but I haven't dared make sure yet.

I don't want the car battery to drain completely a third time if they're not. Or for the door lock do disengage when said battery runs out. Or for the alarm to go off again when battery levels are getting low.

Weird things are going on with the wiring with this car, but as long as I'm driving and/or disconnecting the battery between drives it gives me no trouble, and the new exhaust pipes sound great, so I suppose I'll be hanging onto it.

Would be nice to eventually see these problems all gone though.

Stuff weighs on your mind. As do so many other things.

Regarding my recent dive into crypto, I can inform y'all that withdrawal fees at Binance are MUCH lower with alternative currencies, for example with Litecoin than with Bitcoin, though it may not seem that way on paper. We're using LiteCoin now.

The flat fee for withdrawal may be about three times as high with Litecoin, yet when you factor in the exchange rate to Litecoin with any real currency, compared to Bitcoin, you get considerably more Litecoin for the money, so in the end it evens out nicely/isn't a big cost after all.

Compare - as per the current network values on withdrawal (transfer) fees - the flat fee for each respective currency per transaction:

Bitcoin (BTC) = 0.0005
Litecoin (LTC) = 0.0017

However, consider what each one is actually worth:

1 BTC = 37,440 EUR
1 LTC = 104 EUR

Say you want to withdraw 100 EUR worth of LTC, that'll then currently cost you ca 0.17%, or just about 0.1 EUR.

If you want to withdraw 100 EUR worth of BTC, that'll cost you roughly 14%. Or 14 EUR.

One of the potential many benefits of lesser invested in and potentially better optimized currency networks! And it makes me wonder: who can actually afford managing regular transactions with BTC? And how did the crypto market get this saturated in the first place?

Also just gotta flex a bit and reminds you of my brand new mixtape. Old material albeit. Old but gold. Go check it out if you haven't.

I've posted some new duplicate movie reviews too, and I'm slowly catching up with everything else. So much. Slow but steady...

See y'all next weekend. Hope to get some good stuff done this week.


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