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I helped proofread/give feedback on this thing a while back, and just got a mention there so of course I gotta return the favor. :) Go read it! It's great.

1000 Episodes Of Detective Conan!

I posted about the 800 mark a few years back, and here we are now! At a point no other anime no other internationally notable anime has previously surpassed. The thousandth episode. And not just that many, but all with a level of detail and intrigue you'd expect of a mainstream detective fiction movie.

The DragonBall realm may still have more episodes total, but not in one conducive segment. Not like this.

This show has now been running for over 25 years straight. All canon.

I haven't made it much further now than I had in my earlier attempts on catching up with the anime, but I did make it a bit further with the manga. I bought a whole set. The first 53 books or so. All that were published in Sweden. It's nowhere near the full thing still but... we're getting there. I'm getting there. Some day.

There's no rush yet; hopefully it'll keep on going for a long long time.

I try to imagine what it'd be like to be the author behind this too. To know how massive a legacy you've left behind already, and are continually building upon. Most likely that's not something you want to think about though, less the pressure amounts and the legacy unfortunately comes to a halt. It could happen any day, but for now rejoice, for the thousandth is upon us and it gongs tough.

Hurrah. Also.

Friday Night Funkin' Full-Ass Funded!

This thing really made it! Not that I doubted. I mean they REALLY made it!!! I mean it went way beyond expectation. Holy shit this is POPULAR.

52,000+ BACKERS

That's a lot of backers!

Alas they didn't reach THREE MILLION... so no PSX port. But...


Go read their updates too. They're entertaining. I can see how this happened now. It's all clear. The lines align...


They REALLY made some money.

It's Beginning To Happen Everywhere

House On Haunted Hill (1999)

House On Haunted Hill (1999)

Didn't age perfectly, but damn it did age well!

I'll maybe leave a proper review next time I see this, but if you like theme parks, and asylums, and a good horror movie that's not just a slasher but does keep the pace: you might like this. Never mind the occasional; somewhat outdated effects. Though they really were elaborate...

I love the cast too - Famke Janssen in her prime and Geoffrey Rush as an impeccable Price. The dress scene was nice. I love the Sweet Dreams drive. I love the intro. I love the play on relations and what keeps them alive. I love the outro too - disturbing as it may be. They capture the madness; the atmosphere; take their time to build things up in the beginning and go full circle when it's over.

Would've been a high five if the ending managed to consistently keep the scare, but when it's there it's really there.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome

634281975 Syllables

634281975 Syllables In Definitively

What's going on here hmm? I suppose I should ask them...

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