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How Secure Is My Password?

I stumbled upon an interesting site today. It lets you type in a password, which it then evaluates, and if it's not secure they can even provide you with a new one. I would love to type in one of my passwords and find out, but the question is, can I really trust What if they harvest all passwords people type in? What if the whole service is in fact a front for the US government? What if? So I tried a few passwords that I don't use. First one: pass.

Not Long To Crack

Ok, so that was obvious, how about 457gDSFh (randomly typed just now)?

10 Days To Crack!

No symbol? Alright, same thing with a symbol then...

12 Years To Crack!

Wow! Really? Does an added ! add the much difficulty? I'm wondering how factual this service really is, and the previous password didn't have a single word in it either. Interesting service though. If you feel like checking it out: the URL is in the title. ;)


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  1. Björn
    Tuesday Mar/13/2012

    "It would take a desktop PC About 928 years to hack your password" det här var alltså det lösenord jag använder på jobbet jag testade då då ;-)

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Mar/20/2012

    :O Starkt lösenord!!

  3. Steve
    Tuesday May/15/2012

    When it comes to brute forcing a pc its more about password lenth than anything a randomly generated key over 9 digits in length is enough security for anyone cause essentially with current technology it's unbreakable so I shoot for 12+ personally

  4. Cyber
    Tuesday May/15/2012

    I guess a full sentence is more secure than a random generation in brute force, but aren't there other ways to crack a pass? Always good with a long password though, I usually use at least 20 chars myself, on the sites that allow it.

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