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Like An Amazonian Trogon...

I'm flying off yo! To the farm and the grit. See y'all in a bit.

Happy Pico Day Again!

Happy Pico Day!

Quick doodle. :)

Couldn't settle on the right color combo so here's a bundle of alternative commemorative centerpieces of simplistic typography and Pico-relevant design for the grand and groovy event that's concurrently going down all over the globe today...


Happy Pico Day!

Happy Pico Day!

Awesome advent artistry courtesy of @Picochu.

Happy Pico Day y'all! :)

It's that special NG occasion on which we celebrate all the greatness and creation that one site has given us over the years.

If you want to read up on the history behind this event you can do so here.

I collabed on a track for it this year with @Aalasteir. Aw yeah(r)!

PicoDay2024 - You Are Truly Awesome

Pico Day! Hmmmm!


What do I say huh? What do I do?
I'm up online all night with the NewGrounds crew
Celebrating today all these youthful toons
Some a third of a century old soon! Still they move

We've got the secret sauce, we've got that brew!
We've got the Fulps and freedom since '95!
And for the eons I hope we'll keep this alive!
Fuel collaboration and rage on and feel the vibe!

NG survived the turnings of ebb and tide,
Was low for a while, but dope art still it thrives,
Creative limitations? I see none in my sights
Kongregate may be a grate man - NewGround's the sky

We didn't die! So let us rise from our grave lifes!
And take all these strays right! Kill all of our stage fright!
Get out on the grapevine! And cheer on this grape wine!
Or beer or Sunburst! This site's a wonder! It's life abundance!

It's truly awesome! You're truly awesome! You've got the sauce son!
Flash's still alive in our hearts and art blossoms
Ruffle some feathers NG's incredible we'll weather whatever comes in our way
If jumping off the grounds... jump with caution eh...


Or don't take the jump it ain't worth it, become a Supporter
Show the Portal your service so we can take it the furthest
Club a Seal or get involved with adverse murders
Bite some fed's head off, think Hominid's dead? Not!

We've got top notch hitters on this bed like a bedrock
Blanket's more a banquette, we've Stamper and the dank
The Tankmen and their pranks, JohnnyUtah on that road
Got Little Jim on the code, Bren the Man since he's old

I kid! They're all immortal they'll be living forever,
NG's the Bank of experience and creative endeavor
So let's thank it together, YouTube came along and so
NumaNuma's gone but YOLO carry on we've gotta go

To the future and the empire we're building like the Kree
Shut up and take my money and make this a legacy!
Not the kind of legacy you look at with cool assertion
Like this is legacy code move to the newest version

Twitter caved in, they cast out cats that we've been saving
Tumblr gave us their artists cause they straight up betrayed 'em
DA's always been shit, MySpace grew ancient
FaceBook claim they're for the users but Zuckerberg's a turd

It's all NG! With Sublo and Tangy and all this energy!
Brackenwood! Dudes who left Disney to be friendly with US!
Miss Dynamite I remember those skits with pride!
The Clocks Locks and Glocks and Squads they all survived!

Yeah we're the future! Fueling revolution like an Uber!
FNF got it made! ninjamuffin done once again revolutionized online games!
Here comes another wave! Servers are crashing cause they're all
Surfing these everglades

Always all green, fresh and new like a lima bean
Leading the charge like Everdeen, NG has forever been
The world may be a shithole, but on here we let heaven in
I think it's evident, we're like a revenant

And constantly revamping all this recreation
Constant state of evolution, ever moving, renovating
With history so rich it'd make MBS seems a stray
We've got toons you can consume for decades, forget days!

And it's all GOOD! We're the MindChamber without a wrinkle
Ironed it out like Krinkel, we're the island in this sinkhole
And don't forget Pico, the one who treats all equal
Who shoots up school shooters cause screw them they've got no humor

NG's too dope! Let it move let it live
Here's to another twenty some years! In the coolest crib

Happy Pico Day!!!

PicoDay2024 - You Are Truly Awesome


Happy 17!

Happy 17!

Over in Norway they're celebrating today! It's their national day.

I'm Swedish, so I don't usually celebrate this, but for some reason a buddy (also Swedish) asked if I'd like to join him on a 'syttende mai' parade at Skansen - a folk museum/park smack dab in the middle of Stockholm with supposedly the biggest 'syttende mai' celebrations outside of Norway.

I've never in my life even considered celebrating this particular day, much less paying a hefty entrance fee + transport costs to do so, even less so when I have an upcoming trip very soon, and mingling with large crowds thus seems a risky business (though mom just caught a bug so who knows how that'll go) and thus... I politely declined. There'll be other and all the more festive occasions to get together for, I'm sure.

Since the proposal did cross my desk screen in the first place however I suddenly feel almost obligated to commemorate this one somehow.

So here's to y'all Norwegians. Happy May 17!

May this day be the realest dream! In a good way, I mean. Like may these festivities be: all you could possible scheme or schedule.


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