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Google Pacman Disappeared!

Went to Google to try beating my previous highscore and GASP it's gone... O_O

Google Pacman

So I uploaded a mirror! Play the game right here or download the source code and put it on your own site. It's made of images, JS & Flash (that's how the sounds are stored), and all the URLs are domain-free (meaning you won't have to change the directory paths ... though you might want to change the to your own site) so it's a piece of cake uploading. Have fun!

Now that all of you'll be playing the game I feel like I can take a break from it, haha, there's been waaaay too much Google Pacman for me the past few days. I have no excuse. It's addicting. :)


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  1. S3C
    Thursday Dec/21/2017

    i got 27620 then i ran out of bitcoins...

  2. Cyber
    Thursday Dec/21/2017

    That's some expensive Pacman you're playing man. XD Gets me thinking of the opportunities with a digital charity arcade hmm... pay what you want to play. Online. I like the idea...

  3. S3C
    Saturday Dec/23/2017

    Has anyone gone so far as decided to use even go want to do look more beat Google Pacman?? I used my l33t skillz to give Pac infinite lives, to the point where Pacman-pills last for 0 seconds, but there is no end...

  4. Cyber
    Saturday Dec/23/2017

    Say what? :| Is that some code?

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