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Cyberdyze Site Introductions

Halloween 2005

- First site lolipop! It was halloween so I made a alittle halloween intro, didn't have much time to work on this though ...


Nov.10.2005 - Halloween ended quickly, and this was put together in all haste ...


- I visited a buddy site and saw their nice intro image with a bunnyhead silloutte, so I was inspired and made this.


Dying Superhero (old)
- First version of Dying Superhero. Some nice animation in this. Razz


Dying Superhero
Dec.1.2005 - Remix of the Bunnycool intro, now with Sam and Max as the feature characters! Not only arcade classics but also main characters in the Dying Superhero book series. This took me between 3 - 4 hours to make. Check out all the details! I am very proud of this one. Big Grin


CyberCity (beta)
- After over a month I got tired of the old intro, so I made this one! It's nothing special, and it's not finished, but it's nice! Smile


- Actually I made this before I started on the Cybercity one, but I never got to put it up . . . I got tired of Cybercity though so I added this instead, it's a pretty simple intro with a 10 second automatic redirection period. You dig?


- What? A picture instead of flash?! I got tired of the 10 second forwarding time and I was lazy, that's the reason. Just learned how to texture text too, so I thought this looked cool. ^_^ Will definatly change soon.


- To change the last one I added this. I've been thinking about the introduction potential in this picture for some time now. It's not mine, Sam made it, so I had to leave a copyright notice and email him for permission. His drawing skills sure are amazing . . .

For all un-animated people the picture features, from left to right : Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura, surfin on the waves of Cyberspace. Wink


Evil Ninja
- Was browsing through MacHalls image gallery and I found something I really liked. :P Also, might be time for a new style.


Happy Easter
- I made an artwork this easter, and here it is! Big Grin Greatly inspired by Asian culture. ^_^


Ninja Grounds
- A new introduction today! I don't know who made it, but it's very nice and I hope they don't mind me using it.


Deep CyberSpace
- A deep theme this time. Fits well in with the "Entering CyberSpace >>>" slogan too.

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