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AD 2488. A long war has put human race on the edge of self-extinction. Four years ago, a space creature known as Master Brain arrived with the promise of a new dawn. Now, a huge army launched an attack to the few cities that are still on, following the plan of the creature. A small group of soldiers have formed an alliance to defend those cities and kill the master brain. This is the story of their final mission.

That's the official description. If you like oldskool games, or if you like games at all for that matter, especially FPS (First Person Shooter) games, you'll love this. If you're old it will take you back to the good old days, when games really had entertainment value. If you're not old, maybe you'll start enjoying games for what they are and should be - good. The game features four short chapters, new enemies in each level, a little series of collectible weapons and very easy playability.

Me & 8Bit

8Bit Killer is a game you can play through in less than two hours. I know, I speedran through the game in a little over one, managing to slay all foes and pick up all items in my path. It took me a few tries though. The first time playing the game I tried returning to Windows halfway through, and the game just disappeared. The second run I accidentally pressed ESC, an old habbit, usually it pauses the game. ESC quits the game in 8Bit Killer, immediately, whoops! Third time I actually died. Fourth time I finally made it through, and by now I knew all levels in the first three chapters like the back of my hand. :)

I really enjoyed playing this game, and I hope to see a sequel someday, or at least more games like this. There are few games nowadays that you can play through in an hour or two that also contain this amount of variation and quality content. This page is a tribute. I wrote a post about 8Bit Killer earlier btw, when I first came across the game, you can find that post /8bit-killer.html">here.

Saving Some Trouble

There is no save feature in this game, something that can be a bit annoying if you do things like return to Windows, press ESC or realize that school starts in twenty minutes. On my venture in throwing together this little FAQ the print screen button became something of a save alternative, at the end I felt like I had to press print screen before running through a new door just in case I would perish at the hands of devious foes. Save yourself the time it takes to rerun the game by keeping in mind never to press any buttons that don't do anything in the game. Pressing some of the F keys, the Windows button, ESC, or any key combinations with one of those in them, will abort the game. Which isn't very fun if you're standing at the door to the final level ... or something like that.

About This Page

This FAQ will guide you through the game, and give you a few tips on the way, but I highly suggest you try playing through the game yourself to fully enjoy the storyline and the little surprises it holds for you. I'll skip the sequences in between levels below, to save you some surprises at least, but apart from that this FAQ is as complete as it can be. You'll find a list of enemies, weapons & items below, the full game soundtrack online, followed by a guided tour of the game, level by level, with both screenshots and text below each. This guide is exclusive to, so if you find it somewhere else, let me know so I can sue them or something. ;)

Download The Game

Download the game either through Locomalitos official website (the creator) or through the link below. The unofficial package contains some extra content. You'll find the game soundtrack, poster, cover & ending sequence if you don't feel like playing through the game till the very end.


A list of foes, followed by a quick description and the number of hits it'll take to kill.

YouIt's you, a brave soldier, and leader of the final resistance. You're pretty tough, but your strength really lies more in your ability to dodge bullets than to survive them. Good luck!

5-10 Hits.

SoldierYou'll recognize this elementary foe by his bottle-like head. Also note the big bat in his hand, which he will bash you with if he gets too close. Just keep your distance though and he will never be a problem.

2 Hits.

ShooterThis enemy will never move from its spot, maybe due to the apparent motion sickness its green face shows traces of. It will shoot at you occasionally, but as long as you can dodge the bullet it should be no problem. As you can not get as close as to a regular soldier, the shooter usually takes one additional hit to kill. Only combined with other enemies will this shooter pose a threat.

3 Hits.

StrongThis soldier is stronger than the average foe, even with a shotgun it will take two close-range hits to blow him down. Keep your distance and watch out for his powerful axe.

5 Hits.

StationaryTake a solider and combine it with an armored machine gun, and this is what you get. It shoots a long row of bullets, which aren't easy to dodge if you get too close. After a few shots the machine gun will go up in flames, and they soldier will either die with it or attack.

6-7 Hits.

WebcamThis little machine (that looks exactly like my webcam) crawls from side to side with it's lnes pointed at you, a lens that will occasionally fire at you, and a bit faster than the regular shooters too.

2-3 Hits.

FairyWatch our for her knifes! She's faster than a normal soldier, and takes a lot more damage, but she's just as easy to kill. I take it she's a she because the armor is pink. :P

2 Hits.

ShieldDon't even try shooting at this soldier while the shield is up, it'll just stay shielded even longer, and you'll never be able to shoot through it. With the shield, this is definitely the strongest of all soldiers.

UNL Hits.

No ShieldWithout the shield, he's still incredibly strong. He only removes the shield to shoot, but you can easily dodge and shoot back at the same time if you keep your distance. With the AK you can kill him in one unshielded moment, just keep shooting.

6-8 Hits.

Shooter 2Just like the shooter, this foe will occasionally fire a little ball of fire towards you. It also moves, and is a little tougher than the previous foe. Be careful not to get surrounded or you'll easily be injured.

4 Hits.

BugThe bug appears only in the waterways level. The bugs fly, they're pretty fast, and they usually appear in numbers. Let them get too close and they'll bite you, so keep your distance and shoot them down with a single shot.

1 Hit.

PlumberThe plumber is found only on the waterway level, and likes rising up through the water to surprise you, so watch out. He's just like the purple shooter, though his armor grants him some additional strength.

5 Hits.

GunbullGunbull laughs a lot, and shoots at you with somekind of chain gun. Give him a pounding and keep your distance, hiding behind crates if you have to. Watch out not to get cornered or he will kill you pretty quickly!

15-? Hits.

Warbird The second boss is a helicopter. It'll shoot both bullets and missiles alternately, but just keep firing and dodging behind crates and it should be a piece of cake.

20-? Hits.

MonsterYou'll find this alien at the end of the waterway level, in the third bossmatch. He'll pop up of the water sometimes and stay up for a while so you can shoot at him, only firing one shot at a time. He'll also throw out two tentacles once in a while, which won't disappear until you shoot them. Stay in a corner and you won't be cornered!

30-? Hits.

EliteLooks like a shielded soldier without a shield, and he's strong! Even if you keep firing with the machine gun he might have time to blast one at you, watch out.

18-? Hits.

KingdarKingdrar is Master Brains number one, leader of all other minions. He'll fire a swarm of shots at you, but just sidestep around him and keep firing and you'll have no trouble at all, duck behind a crate if you need some time out.

30-? Hits.

Master Brain Master Brain will appear with a swarm of shooting bots around him, just keep sidestepping and firing, and watch out for the missiles he'll start throwing out after a while. It'll take a lot of shots to get him down, but you won't need any real strategy here.

50-? Hits.

Yes, I know, there are two more foes not listed here, I left a surprise. :P


A list of weapons, followed by a quick description and the amount of ammunition it consumes. The ammunition amount is also relevant to the amount of damage each shot does. There are a total of 6 weapons you can wield, which you can pick up throughout the game. Each weapon only appears once, however, so don't miss your chance!

PistolThe pistol is your standard weapon, it's pretty boring and fires slowly, but on the bright side it doesn't waste any of your ammo supply. You can shoot as much as you like without ever running out!

1 Bullet.

Machine GunThis automatic rifle/machine gun isn't any stronger than your default pistol, but it fires much faster, and does not have an unlimited supply of ammunition.

1 Bullet.

Shotgun The shotgun packs quite a punch, especially at close range, it is however about as slow at reloading as the regular pistol. From further away it can kill multiple weak enemies in one shot. Each shot uses up 4 bullets.

4 Bullets.

AK The AK (doesn't look like it, but that's what its written on its side) fires one bullet per shot, but is much much faster than your average pistol, or machine gun for that matter. Most foes will be defenseless when fired upon constantly with this weapon. Even though the rate of ammunition is 1/1 shot, it eats ammo at a much faster rate than the previous weapons.

1 Bullet.

Rifle The rifle is a powerful weapon, but not as fast as you would expect it to be. I haven't actually tried it out for more than a couple of shots, so I'm not sure at how many bullets it uses, but it's probably more than one. The reloading rate is not so fast either.

? Bullets.

Gattling You won't be getting this weapon until the very last level, but it will extremely useful if you chose to pick it up. I don't know what kind of gun it is, but each shot takes up five bullets and gives you a mighty explosion. You can fire relatively rapidly too considering the amount of damage each shot does.

5 Bullets.

Icons & Items

A simple overview of the items and status icons in the game. The status icons can be seen at the top of the screen or in your inventory, items can be picked up throughout the game and have a direct connection to the status icons.

Ammo Ammunition (0-100+)
Life Life (0-100+)
Keys Keys you have picked up (0-3)
Kills Enemies you have killed (0-500+)

Ammunition+20 to your current amount of ammunition.

Big Ammunition+10 to the maximum amount of ammunition, as well as a complet refill.

Health+25 to your current amount of health.

Big Health+10 to the maximum amount of health points, as well as a complet refill.

AmmunitionA key that can be used to open locked doors.


The soundtrack is a work of art, consists of 10 songs and is composed by RushJet1. They're all music and no song, so leave one open while reading through the walkthrough for added suspense. ;)

Fighting For Control (1:25)

Konamized (0:48)

Rocket Fight (0:53)

Drift (1:22)

Dementia (1:35)

The Hidden Answer (1:25)

Unknown Sector (2:40)

Our Revolution (2:22)

Turbo (1:39)

Aerial Assault (0:26)


Chapter 1,1 - Road Warrior
The first level is pretty straight forward, just run through the doors, shoot the bad guys, and eventually you'll reach the end. Before we start, maybe you'd like to look at the controls?

8Bit Killer Controls
This screen is taken straight from the game, if you wait long enough without starting it will appear eventually. Moving on ...

New Gun!
Woo, after the second door you'll find a new gun! Pick it up and select it through space. It is faster than your standard pistol, and it wastes bullets, so keep an eye on the ammo counter at the top of the screen. You probably won't ever run out of ammo if you actually pick up the cartridges you find, but if you do, remember that you can always switch back to the regular pistol.

Time to try out that new gun!

How Did The Truck Get There?
How the truck managed to squeeze it's way in through those tiny doors is a mystery ... but I don't think that's what I should be thinking about right now ....

8Bit Blood
This is how 8Bit blood looks. Detailed! Btw, that might be a good name for a sequel, 8Bit Blood, catchy.

Ammunition Explained
And that's a box of ammo. Each box contains 20 shots, and they work for all weapons too. Universal ammo yay! :D Your max Ammo is 100, but this can be changed later in the game.

The Guard
Looks like he's guarding something. Is that a safe?

Health Points
Here's a piece of health. Each piece of health gives you 20 HP (Health Points). Your max HP is 100, but this can be changed later in the game.

A Trap?
Looks like a trap, but I'll dive right in anyway! Good advice would go something like "watch out before rounding crates", but what fun would that be?

The Game Over Screen
If you die this is the screen you'll see. You have two continues before it's Game Over. I never die of course, but for the sake of completion I had to see what happens when you get killed. ;) Now the sake is complete.Oh, and you'll keep all your weapons and kill count too if you die, though any additional ammo or health you might have gathered will be all gone.

When you see these, it means you're at the end of the level. They'll fire at you, but just stay calm, dodge, shoot, and they should be no problem. There's always some crate you can hide behind and take one out before the other as well.

Skull Go BOOM
There's one out!

Behind The Door
And there's the exit through the door. In most levels there'll be some ammo and health here for the next level. You'll probably need it too.

Chapter 1,2 - Ghost City
Well well, time to dive into the next level! Don't expect any ghosts, despite the title. This one isn't as straightforward as the last one, you'll have to find a key and then go through the orange door. Doesn't sound too hard. ;) If you don't need ammo or more kills, just skip the first four doors and move on.

Strong Man
This guy is strong, don't get too close!

Nice Level Design
Just some nice level design. I'm thinking that this game does remind me a lot of Doom, but then again, don't all games?

Close Range Bullet
So far away, yet so close. The bullet, I mean.

Legend, I Mean Key
That's a key. You use it to open doors that can't be opened otherwise. Just pick it up and the rest will happen automatically. You'll still have to open the door though, doh.

Nice Poster
Something about Space Invaders?

Don't miss the door in the key room, it'll lead you to this!

Enemies, BANZAI
Sometimes they do appear out of nowhere, like when you find a key. This will happen more frequently on later levels.

Orange Door
This is the door you just fetched the key for. Click once to unlock, twice to open! Now it's opened forever btw.

Lots o Ammo
Don't miss the door to the left, it'll give you this BIG box of ammo. Boxes like this add +10 to the limit and fill your ammo, so after I pick this up I'll have 110. :)

Close One
I got a life. Phew.

Chapter 1,3 - GunBull
It's time to meet the boss!

GunBull Appears
The level starts with a laugh, and then all hell breaks loose!

Some Strategy
Duck behind the crates when you need cover. Keep your distance. Kill GunBull.

Chapter 2,1 - Railway
If you followed my instructions, picked up the key, opened the door & hit the switch, you're at the next level now! The next chapter, too. Unfortunately all trains are standing still, so you'll have to walk through the whole level.

It Is
A truck. Yeah. It's not moving either.

Warm Welcome
Aw, looks like they've been waiting for me! How nice!

A Straight
"Do these railroad tracks lead home, do these railroad tracks lead home, nanana - nana na - nana nanana, yeah"

A Foursome
They're crawling like termites through the woodwork!

Poff Poff Poff
Easy to dodge. Just don't get too close!

Can't Keep Up?
Over here! To your right!

The Secret
And then you shoot this lock, go to a secret level, fight 100 shooter at once and win the game.
Just kidding.

Boom, Ammo, Soldier, Combo
What's that?!

It's the FNRA! Or Something.
Suddenly webcams have invaded the place. Protect your privacy, take them out!

Just Around the Coroner
Looks like it's almost over. Each exit gets trickier and trickier.

BOOM, One Out
No worry, just hide behind the crate and zap em one by one. Don't forget to dodge.

Chapter 2,2 - City Hall
Movin on...

Reminds Me Of Something...
Castle Wolfenstein anyone?

Just Passing Through...
No enemies in the lobby, how about the right hall...

Dance Dance Revolution
Ooh, a surprise party! :D

Pink Fairies, Awesome!
A couple of cute fairies appear! Beware though, get too cuddle and they'll stab your heart out.

Two Dead Soldiers
New room, new enemies to slay.

I Feel Great!
Woah, seems like this is a treasure cove. Big boxes of health like this add +10 to the current health limit and give you a refill at the same time. Great stuff!

Don't miss the orange door in the main hall, you'll find a new key, and this gun! A gun which IMHO is the best in the whole game. Test it on the new foe outside, keep shooting when his shield is down and he won't have a chance to defend himself! It eats ammo quickly, but there should always be enough of that lying around anyway.

Chapter 2,3 - Warbird
Whoop Whoop, boss alert!

Warbird Approaches
Woah, what's that, rising into the sky so dark and loathsome?

Warbird Still Approaches
Missles! Blades! A ferocious killing macine!

Warbird Is Approaching
Chop Chop.

Boss Battle!
And here we go! If you grabbed the machine gun, this will be a piece of cake, just sidestep around the building and shoot as fast as you can. If you don't have much ammo left, be sure to pick up the cartridges lying around.

Warbird Falls
It should go up in a cascade of flames, like this.

Chapter 3,1 - Nightcrawler
Pick up the key, and onto the next level, and chapter, we go!

Into The Caves of Doom!
New room.

Run Through
New enemies! Is that the same truck? Check to see if the bullethole you left in level one is still there.

It's a Sign!
Doesn't look like Space Invaders anymore...


Guard In Passageway
If you have the AK, just take a shot and kill him in a sweep. If you don't, this might take a while ... and some health points too ...

Ooooh, yummy!
The exit provides you with a nice surprise this time!

Spiders! Err, webcams.
Oh, missed this screen. You'll have to fight for that box of health. With the AK, even this is a piece of cake though. Remember the tango sidesteps you've mastered earlier and it shall be OK.

Chapter 3,2 - Underworld
I love this level. It's my favorite level. Must be the water.

Don't Let Bugs Bite
Should've brought some bugspray, but it's too late for that now! Just shoot them down quickly before they bite you and give you malaria or some other horribly contagious disease. Ugh.

Grargh! Stay Away!
BUGS! You'll get a lot of target practice here, in this level, but they're easy to kill.

I See Red
Whazzat, someone spill hotsauce in my eye?

Boogie Man
Oh, it was just a bullet. These guys will pop up frequently during this level, sometimes right up out of the water, they're tougher than normal soldiers so give them some extra led.


Doors n Keys
The doors down here look a bit different. You'll need to collect three keys to pass through three of them in a row ... at the end of the level.

This Is A Battle
Enter the big battle stage!

Boogie Woogie!
More foes pop up from the water.

Eyes, In The Wall! Staring! At Me!
That really looks like a face.

A Tribute?
It really does. Looks a bit like Ballrog in Cave Story.

Face It, It Does.
This looks like a face too.

Warning, Beware
Looks like there's something radioactive behind here, better not enter.

Top Gun, Now
But then again, you never know what you might find! I don't like this gun much, it's not as fast as the AK, not as fun either, but it's pretty powerful. Not really sure what it is, maybe a sniper rifle?

Doors n Keys
Bet this will come in handy too, especially if you've started wasting ammo with that new weapon.

That really looks like a face as well. Walk through the face, and then another door, and then the next one, and then you'll meet a monster.

Chapter 3,3 - Wastelord

Spooky Music
Stay still if you don't want to fight the wastelord. It won't get you anywhere, though.

There, Alien!
And out of the water he rises. He might look invincible, but it turns out he's allergic to metal, so throw some at him!

Farewell Fearful Creature
... and he'll die. Eventually. If you need some strategic advice while fighting this beast, tough luck. No, really though, he's a piece of cake. Just shoot the tentacles, avoid his one ball of fire, and shoot him when you see him. Piece of pizza.

Chapter 4,1 - Mega Tower
Finally you've made your way to this haven of evil. At the top of this foul building Master Brain awaits, but to reach him you must first make your way past his legion, elite soldiers, and eventually Kingdar, his right hand (though he doesn't have any hands). Good luck!

Like James Bond
You start in a tunnel. Like James Bond, in the game Goldeneye, you know? You won't drop down into a bathroom, though. If you need health, turn left at the fork in the tunnel. If you don't, save it for later, it's the big one (refill +10).

Enter Doom
This place really looks gloomy. I was expecting something hightech, but just you wait, it will come!

Doors n Corridors
More Doom n Gloom. Ignore the first four doors to your right if you don't need ammo/kills/health. The fifth one holds the key ... I think.

Defy my advice, and you'll run into an elite guard already! He's like the shielded soldier, but without the shield, and as you might guess from the picture he's pretty damn tough.

Looks like I finally found the garage!

Fire The Lazoooor
Oooh, lasers.

The Lazoooor
Yes, lasers. After lasers, there's an exit.

Chapter 4,2 - Mega Tower 2
Welcome to the final normal level of the game! Not so creative a title, but the level is a work of art, much nicer than the last one, and this is the last one. Psyche!

It's a Sign
First thing you'll notice is how the wall patterns nicely match the color of the AK. It must be fate.

On The Balcony
After you open the door, you'll arrive outside, on this nice balcony, from which you can marvel at the beautiful scenery surrounding. It really gives you life!

Looks like something blew up, hehe.

Tough Foes
Expect a lot of tough opponents on this level, this is just the start of them. I didn't take screenshots of the most intense areas because I was too busy dodging bullets, but it'll get a bit intense at times. Just keep your calm and remain agile.

Nice Skull
That's a nice skull!

Big Macho Guys
Here's some more of those tough opponents.

The Game Corner
It's a game corner, literally. A very nice game corner too.

Don't forget to go through the orange door in that room at the center of everything. You'll find this very nice gun behind a few lazer walls. It doesn't really look like a rocket launcher, but that's what it feels like when you use it.

I'm An Inventor...y
Here's the inventory with all weapons in it, and take a look at that massive killcount too! ;)

Lurking Lurking
Somethings waiting around this corner ...

Last Real Exit
Alas, the exit! Too bad I missed the wall of enemies infront of it though. The big boxes of ammo and health tell me something big is gonna happen soon!

Chapter 4,3 - Kingdar
He's the boss, so get ready for a big elevator battle!

Kingdar Appears
Kingdar appears! No time to prepare, he's right there! Blow him to smithereens!!!

Kingdar Dissapears
Whoops, where did he go? Incase you didn't notice, this new gun is pretty powerful.

Here's some more health and ammo. Seems like the next levels really going to be somethin!

Chapter 4,4 - Master Brain
Should I call this chapter 4.4, or chapter 5? The title doesn't really reveal which one it is. No matter, it's showtime! Showdown, time, I mean.

The Black Box
Master Brain must be hiding in that box.

Should I hit the switch and let him out?

The Brain
There he is, all red and ... brainy. With a ring of minions around him.

And I thought my gun was powerful! O_o

The Small Black Box
Spend some time here if you start getting shot up.

Or just blow the brain into a gazillion pieces! If you have the gun, it'll only take about a hundred shots, and if you run out of ammo there will always be more to fetch in the corners.

The End
There's the big explosion, then the screen goes all red and orange, and thus Master Brain has perished! You have won! The world is united! Your journey is over! The story has finished! You will watch the credits with honor and respect, now that you have achieved victory. Congratulations! Or are you just reading the walkthrough? Then go play the game, dammit!

Chapter ???

What happened? It's over? I won't spoil the ending for you completely, play the game and see for yourself. Or you could just skim through the screenshots I took of the ending sequence. They're in the download above. The intro's there too, but you should check out the real game intro instead of just the screenshots, the intro music is awesome, it feels completely different with it. Man this page took a long time to write, longer than it took to play out the game, haha. Hope you found the answers you were looking for.

The End.

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