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Various terms that frequently or never appear here at CDB. Some language used here can't be found in a real dictionary.

  • A
    Define.) A point.
    History.) You sometimes say A, don't do this and B, don't do that. This is simplified in the way it uses the same letter to describe each statement.
    Example.) A, don't do that. A, don't use that. A, don't make that!
  • Blam
    Define.) Same things as "I don't give a shit".
    Example.) Blam.
  • Brekk
    Define.) The art of breaking bricks.
    Example.) Nice brekk tshoh.
  • Dongo
    Define.) Something that you just don’t do.
    Example.) You just dongo killing people.
  • Dyze
    Define.) A word that can be used for almost anything.
    Example.) Dyze this, will you? / I was dyzed so I don’t know. / The plate dyzed me with it’s food. / Throw the dyzein dice!
  • Etheref
    Define.) Some place very high up.
    Example.) Woah, this tower is etheref.
  • Hooo
    Define.) The same as " hmmmm . . . " . It's pronounced and said slowly, like just letting out your breath.
    Example.) Hooooooo . . .
  • Keh
    Define.) OK
    Example.) Keh . . .
  • NMN
    Define.) Homemade m&ms.
    Example.) I made some NMN.
  • Nogo
    Define.) Something that just isn’t right or doesn’t work.
    Example.) Jumping through my window is a nogo.
  • Roflol
    Define.) Rolling on floor laughing out load.
    History.) Remix of the world roflmao ( rolling on the floor lauging my ass off ) and lol ( laughing out load ).
    Example.) OMFG! roflolf . . .
  • Megasoft
    Define.) Something very soft.
    Example.) Wow, this pillow is megasoft.
  • Microsoft
    Define.) Something with microscopic softness.
    Example.) Microsoft is microsoft.
  • Niiice
    Define.) Something very nice. Nicer than nice.
    Example.) Woah, this is niiiiice!
  • RetroGay
    Define.) The oldskool gay school. Frequently used as an insult.
    Example.) Damn man, your retrogay today!
  • Speakerr
    Define.) A broken speaker or someone who can’t speak good.
    Example.) Look at that speakerr. / You speakerr bad.
  • Tshoh
    Define.) A word created to start or end short statements.
    Example.) Wazzup tshoh! / Looks nice tshoh.


    A total of 17 words have been created.

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