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If you enjoy FPS games you should have heard of Doom. Doom is not the first game within the genre, but it is definitely one of the most influential games within the genre, one that still today after almost two decades retains a large amount of followers and players around the globe. This page exists as a little resource for Doom fans. Browse through posts I've posted about the game through the tags above or check out the downloads below. Maybe you'll find something useful. ;)

New Ports

These ports improve playability by enhancing in-game graphics, sound, etc. If you don't want any extra features, Chocolate Doom is an excellent way of playing the game 'like it could be played in the 90s' on a modern computer.

GZDoom GZDoom is a source port based on ZDoom, with an OpenGL renderer and features such as 3D floors, dynamic lighting, Quake2/Unreal style skyboxes, support for True Color textures, models and plenty of fixed bugs. It's also much more lightweight than the alternatives that follow. To use, just unzip the archive, place any IWADs you'd like to play in the same folder and fire it up! To play a custom WAD or MOD just drag and drop those on the .exe. It supports PK3 files (unlike Risen3D and Doomsday - last time I checked), such as Smooth and Brutal Doom. Visit Site.

Risen3D is a pretty advanced Doom port based on the Doomsday Engine. It features pretty much the same, and plenty of other features like support for slopes, swimmable water, fog, splashes, etc, and a more configurable launcher where you can manage different mods, savefiles, original games, etc. After Doomsday this is the port I used most, but eventually moved over entirely to GZDoom for simplicity. Visit Site.

The Doomsday Engine allows you to play the classic first-person shooters DOOM, Heretic, and Hexen using modern technology, with hardware accelerated 3D graphics, surround sound and much more. This was the port I first started using, though eventually switched when they ran into a ownership/development hiccup ca 2007, but it seems to be back back on track and looking better than ever. Visit Site.

ZDoom is an enhanced port of the official DOOM source code for Win32. As such, it not only works with (and requires) Windows 95/NT 4.0, but it also adds new features not found in the version published by id Software. Visit Site.

Noteable Mods

Smooth Doom is currently my enhancement mod of choice while running Doom via the GZDoom port. It's mission statement is to improve the 'smoothness' of the game overall, with improved in-game animations, sprites, etc - whilst still staying true to the original. It comes with a bundle of optional improvements as well, like gibs, effects, alternative skins and graphics. Visit topic.

Brutal Doom makes the original Doom seem tame in comparison. It features much more blood, entirely new gibs, animations and other effects that both change and enhance the gameplay experience, while at the same time making it all the gorier. Even if you don't care for moving barrels, kicking heads, showing your foes the finger or having to shoot enemies a few more times to prevent them from crawling after you, it does improve countless facets of the game overall. Among other things it lets you jump, reload your weapons, and makes enemies move in more unpredictable patterns. All added features can be toggled individually, and it has a mass of them, though if you're looking for improved functionality without excessive gore, Smooth Doom is a lightweight contender. Visit Site.


Basic sprite sheets for Doom 1 not made by me, but hard to come across online (at least they were when I made this page). Click an image to download the sprite sheet for that character.

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