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Driver (Scores)

Driver is one of few games ported from a waaay more sophisticated console to the very simple GBC that made the move without sacrificing too much. The graphics are no doubt very simplified, but it's in the gameplay this game really pulls through. The missions are varied, with escalating difficultly; spread over three large city maps along with a small selection of cars and a few extra games.

I'm no hardcore fan of this game, but one day I was playing around a bit and decided to collect some highscores, which are noted below, along with visual passwords for the final levels if you need them! I don't know if my cartridge of this game is malfunctioning or if it's supposed to be as it is, but highscores and saves are all reset each time the console is restarted, so here it is, all such information externalized on CDB!


M1 49:08
M2 2:40:80
L1 1:33:66
L2 2:56:28
N1 1:21:15
N2 3:11:44


M1 0:19
M2 3:60
L1 8:55
L2 32:43
N1 29:85
N2 21:48


M1 10:56
M2 07:11
L1 07:71
L2 05:43

Time Limit Bug

When you run a getaway game (or any mode in which the counter counts up) just find a safe place and stay there until the time reaches 5:99:99 and the game will freeze. I found this out by accident after leaving my GBC on and forgetting about it for a while, AFAIK I'm the first to find the bug. ;)

Game Codes

Oh, also, here are the passwords for the cities, along with various cars. Miami is the first city and already unlocked when you start the game.

The Final Driver Scores

Final Message

Spoiler alert! Which is why this is the last entry on the page, so quit reading now or deal with the consequences. When you beat the game you get the message...

Good work, you got wheels of gold!

That is all.

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