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Now, before you start ravaging through the available demos there are a few things you should know:

First, I did not program most of these myself, they are based upon tutorials I've come across and found useful for my website.

Second, in the download package there will most likely be only one HTML file. This is the same one as you may see if you view the demo, with both HTML, CSS and JS included in it. The code is easy to extract or modify as long as you know the basics of HTML.

JavaScript has a very simple and understandable structure, just don't mess around with the code if you don't know what you're doing, or if it says in the code that you should. Third, it is important to know that with most scripts, the first part must be written within the <head> tag, and the second part within the <body>. If there is only one part to the script, place it in <head> if it doesn't output anything ( disables print screen, for example ) and in <body> if it does ( displays time for example). That will be all, send me a message if you need help, have fun with these!

Array Navigation

Nice and simple navigation!

Auto Form Value

Displays an initial value in a form field that dissapears when the user clicks on it.

Auto Hide Search

Toggle search between viewable/not viewable on one page.

Browser Redirect

Redirects you to a different page depending on which browser you use. Currently only has two options, Internet Explorer and other, but you can add support for as many different browsers as you like, the script doesn't need to know more than the browser brand and version number, your browser will know the rest.

Daily Quotes

Displays a different quote for every day. All quotes are listed in a simple array.

Delay Redirect

A delayed redirect script. In other words, it counts down a specified time before redirecting you to a specified page.

Digital Clock

Displays computer time in a simple manner, on your webpage.

Disable Page Print

Stops users from printing your pages!

Disable Print Screen

Stops users from using the printscreen function on your pages!

Disable Text Select

Stops users from selecting text on your pages!

Error Terminator

Sometimes javascript errors will be displayed on your page even though everything is fine. In those occasions, use this, it gets rid of all error messages.

Form Validator

Checks to see if fields are filled in.

Gradient Page

Displays a page with a simple gradient selection.

Hover Background

Give your pages a little extra style, this script can be used to add different colors to various page objects when moused over.

Javascript Hyperlink

This form of link can be applied to tables, divs, spans, paragraphs, whatever. Doesn't look like a link, but can be clicked.

Javascript Include

A way to include remote documents inside your webbpage without using PHP.

Live Clock

A simple clock that keeps ticking, constantly, without sound though.

Live Text Counter

Displays how many users are currently browsing your page.

Navigation Menu

A simple navigation menu, stylish and explandable.

Open Random Link

Opens a random link. Not entirely random though, you specify which links it was to chose from.

Random Image Ad

Displays a random image linked to a specific page, all images and links neatly organized in a simple array.

Random Text Ad

Displays a random piece of text linked to a specific page. An array will let you easily change and add to the list of text/links.

Resultion Warning

Displays a warning message on your page if users use a screen resolution you don't see fit.

Right Click Disable

A warning note will pop up everytime users try to right click on your page. Might be a bit annoying, but it saves them from performing various functions you don't want them to do, such as saving images, viewing source, etc. Though there are of course other ways to perform these function.

Screensize Redirect

Redirects users to a specific page depending on which screen resolution they are using, different resolutions can easily be specified.

Spambot Protector

This script keeps your email adress far away from the reach of vicious spam bots.

Text Organizer

Keeps your text organized, see demo for more.

Tip Box

Displayes a small tooltip above certain images, pieces of text, etc. Very easy to customize both in appearence and usage.

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