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PHP Scripts

D Contact v1.0

A very simple and secure one page contact form. Better layout will soon be added.

D Upload v1.0

Upload files directly from the web to a specified folder on your site.

This script is not meant for public use. Therefore all functions have been removed from the demo.

D HitIt v1.0

Simple hitcounter

  • No Demo

D ImgDir v1.0

Simple Image Directory. Shows thumbnails of all images inside a specific directory in a size of yoru choice.

No real "thumbnails" are created. So if you have really big images the thumbnails will still take a long time to load.

CyberD LinkDump v1.0

A simple linkdump script using an SQL database to store links where visitors can submit links.

D Word v1.0

Displays a random line from a text file every time the page is reloaded.

D Shout v1.0

A simple shoutbox that stores messages in a text file. Easily customized and included in any page.

D IP v1.0

A simple script that displays the IP to a website of choice.

D Dir v1.0

A very simple that lists all files of one specific filetype in a directory.

D Framed v1.0

Displays outgoing links in a frame

D Speed v1.0

A simple script to test connection speed.

D Ping v1.0

Ping a site. Very simple.

D PHPInfo v1.0

Displays the PHP Settings on your server.

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