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Unofficial Quick Fixes for various websites and programs that you might have (and I have had) problems with. Solutions are my own. If they don't work for you, try Google for alternatives. Also note that some of these may be a bit old, apply to old versions of sites, programs, etc, where said bugs are now fixed.

* P - Problem / S - Solution (# if multiple) *


P - I want to export my memo files! But I can't find the folder.
S - Without a rooted device, the folder for the default 'Memo' app may not be available via your computer. If you have Internet on your phone, you can however easily send the memos to yourself. Just open up the default email app and add an attachment: you are given the choice of adding a memo, after which you can select one or all memos to attach. Send to your regular email, access it via computer, download the files, and there you go! As with most mobile filetypes, these are however saved in an odd format that regular text editors won't be able to recognize: vtn. Changing file extension does no good as they use their own type of encoding, unlike plain text. There is currently no software or online service available to process files in batches, but there are some useful tools to read and convert them, like:

P - I can't play Flash files! What do?
S - The quick way: install a browser with the Flash plugin built-in, such as Now Browser (this is the one I've used in the past) or FlashFox (based on FireFox). Tricker way: install the plugin manually. You'll basically need to find the file on Adobe's website and install it, making sure you're allowing 'unofficial apps' on your phone. Google has plenty of tutorials for this.


P - I can't change the language for spellcheck in a Chrome incognito Window!
S - Change the language for any random form field in a normal window and it'll change there too.

P - I can't bookmark a page by dragging the favicon like I do in FireFox!
S - Try dragging the icon beside the URL instead (took me way too long to find out how this worked btw).

Deviant Art

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P - I clicked on a thumbnail, but the picture is not showing up!
S - Click 'full view' or 'download'. If the picture starts loading but disappears, try right clicking and selecting 'view picture' or 'save picture as' before the frame disappears. You may also want to try deleting your temporary Internet files. If the image still doesn't appear, it will at least give you a chance to right click and 'save picture as' if it does start loading. If this doesn't work, the picture has most likely been deleted by the author. When you select 'view picture' you may arrive at a '403 Forbidden' page, and when you 'save picture as' you might get a .htm file instead of the image file. If so, tough luck, the picture is beyond your rescue!


( quickfixes for )

P - I can't open the reply box in a new tab any more!
S - Try right-clicking > open in new tab. The new script blocks the ctrl + click alternative, if you're trying to use that.

P - The thumbnail for my GIF is just pitch and pure black and nothingness!
S - Use the icon editor on the art page (left-hand side, bottom of sidebar) to upload a static thumbnail. This is a workaround until it gets fixed officially.

P - I'm getting a message that 'we don't allow spam here' when trying to post a newspost!
S - Check the links in your post, and try posting without some of them. NG has a blacklist for certain websites. If you're trying to link somewhere you believe NG should really allow you to link to feel free to contact liljim or another staff member about this. The blacklist does sometimes block stuff that it shouldn't.

P - Help, I can't reach the pagination bar any more no matter how far I scroll!
S - This is an oversight on NG's part, and nothing they're currently willing to change. For some reason they just decided pagination wasn't worth having around. Hopefully they come to their senses again.


P - I can't return to windows while movie loads!
S - Click the Windows button, usually located between CTRL & ALT, and you should be taken back to your desktop. Then just click on Voddler in the task bar to open it up again. The movie will keep loading while you do other things, or playing if you let it play, and the soundtrack will be heard even when the app is minimized.
S2 - If only the task bar appears, but not the desktop, open up whatever program you need through the task bar and it should open up in front of the Voddler window. You can navigate to your desktop through 'My Computer' as well. Alternatively, in Windows 7 or above you can try clicking at the far right of the taskbar, it's a desktop shortcut.
S3 - If anything you launch still opens behind the client away from your field of view, press CTRL + ALT + DEL on Win XP or lower to minimize the Voddler client. On Windows 7 or above use CTRL + SHIFT + ESC and do the same.

P - I log in, and then quit, and next time I open the client I have to log in again! Even though I DID check the 'remember password' box!
S - If running Windows 7 or above, you'll need to select the program file (should be Voddler.exe), right click, select 'Options' and check the box that asks if you want to 'Run as Admin'. If you're opening the program through a shortcut, you'll need to do the same thing for the shortcut. After you've restarted the computer and logged in again, you should no longer be logged out upon quiting.

P - The movie started playing and then just disappeared!
S - You'll either have to just wait until it buffers, or shut down the program and boot it up again. If you have a lot of programs running in the background, try shutting them down as well. You can also test your Internet connection by right clicking on the Voddler icon in your task bar and selecting 'Test'. If it gives you the green sign, you're good to go. If it doesn't, try pausing the movie after the commercials have passed and pressing play once it's loaded partially. The slower connection you have, the more you'll need to let it load before watching (to keep watching without it starting to buffer again). If you have shut down all background programs, tested your Internet connection, and still can't reach the navigation bar, your computer might just not be able to handle Voddler. It whites or blacks out when there is not sufficient RAM for it to use.

Windows 7

P - A 3D game I'm playing is lagging insanely much! And it's not that new either! What do I do (and my specs should be good enough that I can play it lag-free)?!
S - Right click your desktop, open the settings panel and change back to a Windows Basic theme if you haven't done so already. The Aero theme causes certain apps or games to lag.

P - I can't view folder sizes.
S - For some mysterious reason, this isn't a built-in feature yet. For now there is this:

P - Two drives have the exact same signatures, and one shows up as offline.
S - Just click the 'offline' text in disk manager, and you can choose to initiate anyway. It should be assigned a new drive letter, and the signature will change so you can load both at the same time.

P - How do I clear my DNS cache/flush my DNS cache properly?
S - Close the browser, open the command line and try these:

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
netsh winsock reset

...then restart the computer.


P - Created a tag and a category with the same slug, and now they're stuck together!!
S - First, create a new category to move all posts to, make sure the slug is unique. Then go to 'Pages > Edit', and filter out the category you need split from the tag. Select 'screen options' and enter a number of 'entries per page' that allows you to view all entries at the same time. Select all posts and select 'Actions > Edit'. Unfortunately you cannot remove the category for all of these posts in a batch, but you can apply a new category to all of them! So apply the category you created earlier and all the posts will now have two categories. What now? Simply remove the conflicting category and you'll have all posts categorized and tagged without the tags and categories conflicting. It is recommended you backup your database before doing this, just in case the tag gets removed along with the category (it hasn't happened to me, but you never know). If you can't separate tag and category without both being deleted you'll have to repeat this procedure for the tag (adding an additional tag to all of them) before deleting the combined tag and category. If you have lots of different tags and categories mixed up it'll be a pain in the BUTT to get through, but the logic above should work you through the process.

P - Every time I login to my admin panel I get a 500 error!! What to do?
S - If you've been messing around with the .htaccess file, clean it up, or create a new one and see if that solves the problem. Remember to clear your cache before reloading the page. If that doesn't work, try removing certain plugins you think may be causing the malfunction. Either remove all of them in a big sweep (don't forget backups!) or delete one at a time. If your main site is still accessible then try removing only those that modify the admin panel in some manner. It may not always be the plugins you've recently installed - after upgrade certain plugins can become incompatible as well, and a change of setting may cause them to err. If plugins aren't the problem after all, check your error logs, they may provide some kind of advice. You can just add a .txt to the end of the file and it'll be easy to open up with notepad (or whatever default you have selected for .txt files). You might also want to try optimizing your database or just waiting a while - if the problem disappears by itself it was probably due to a lack of server memory.

P - I made a new blog and didn't write down the password! Now it's gone!
S - Do you still have the browser window open? Try hitting ALT + Left arrow. If the page prompts you to 'send again', do so. If you're lucky the password will be there. If not, oh well, it was a fresh installation anyway. If you don't want to bother installing again, a new password can be entered via phpMyAdmin (or similar interface used to access your database).

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