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This page is dedicated to the plugins I've made for the almighty WordPress (that also powers this page). Though I say plugins, it's really just the one for now, but there may be more to be made...

Day Display 1.1

Displays a new predefined image for each day of the week.

( download | download styles (10 sets) | preview )


1.) Unzip and copy daydisplay.php into your plugin directory ( /wp-content/plugins ).
2.) Create a folder called 'days', and place all the images in it. Upload this to your plugin directory as well.
3.) If you want to use a different style just replace the images in this folder with images of your own using the same filenames. Or download the style pack for more styles.
4.) Add <? daydisplay(); ?> where you want the script to display. You can also use this script standalone by simply including the plugin file on the page you want it on, using this function where you want it displayed.

Need any help? Plugin not working? Send me a message!

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