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10 Years Of Trackmania!!!

10 Years Of Trackmania

Woo! Didn't know this grand series had been around for so long!

For any of you who still hasn't played this hybrid racing/platformer, now's the time. All games on Steam are 50% off in celebration of this grand event, both old and new, and as far as the old goes - Trackmania United Nations Forever is pretty much all you'll ever need... combined with user-made levels it's a lifetime supply of racing. The newer games do have pretty sweet graphics though... I should probably post about those some time, my first impression wasn't that great (they've split up the racing types into different games after all), but a few drives later I've changed my mind.

It's only recently this game started to go mainstream, so I guess I'll pride myself in playing it before it went viral (for real), bask in nostalgia with a few of my old levels and... well that's as far as celebration goes.

Here's to another ten years!


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