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Trance 06 (0:03)

18 Days Left

18 Days, until we can celebrate in many ways...

The music section has been revived! I've been posting a few hundred loops to fill in the gaps, making it look like it's been updated every single day since it was first started, hehe. You can also download packs with loops, and view info about different music editing programs etc. Check out the music page.

Later, Cyber

Trance 05 (0:03)

19 Days Left

Now there's 19, as you see on the screen...

:-) :-D :-P :-O :-? :-S :-( :-U :-V :-X :-C :-I :-L :-N 8-) X-D X-) :-] [:-(

Whats with all the smileys you might ask? Well, I have a small (only a few MB) zip file here with a collection of 5000 different smileys in it. All small (around 20x20 px) . Will be useful for you people with forums/blogs/scripts etc, you have a shitload of choices. Anyway, I'm not responsible for any copyright there might be on some of these. I included all copyright info I found where I found them, they're all free for distribution. Have fun with them!

Later, Cyber

UPD: Smiley pack removed (more like lost), if you still want smileys check out my emoticons.

Trance 04 (0:03)

20 Days Left

20 days now, until I might start playin WoW...

And for todays update I'll be adding 3 more translations, this time they're for phpStatus, Freeforum and HESK , all translated by me. You'll find them on the language page. All of you who are either not Swedish or don't use these scripts probably find these first 2 day updates pretty boring, but no worries, tomorrow will be about something sompletly different. ;)

Also, check out the newest event at CyberDoze , we'll be giving out another great hosting plan to whichever user posts post nr. 1000! The final rush will probably start in a few days. ;) Later, Cyber

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