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Nawrito (1:19)



I've been reading Naruto! And you know!
That you folks! Are sumo compared to me,
Even if Swedes are heavily into sweets...

I wanted to move close! To June though!
With dues done! Now who am I to speak?
At least I hope my work can let me leave...

Remember in Juno, the joggers,
With bonker dongs but two shoes on their feet?
I wonder... what use is that to me...

Memories... come at random when you rhyme,
Tandem with another line, back in the day,
I could tango with Sublime, all that I know...

Is a Ska band then withOUT with Rome.
Now I'm just chillin' in my home! How tired am I today?
Bicarbonate bath, don't argue with that,
I think I came out okay.

Been wearing a weight vest on my lunch walks,
Ten keys I don't want dogs,
I don't pick shit, don't wear lipstick,
I just sit still when I get off... work.

So I'm reading Naruto! Cause I'm tired.
Take my moms out! And perspire.
She has her sticks, I have my shit,
Eat a good lunch, never shit bricks,
Write a rhyme now cause I'm feelin!
Like the legacy I might be leavin!
Is a little lacking in appealing!
When there's never monument or meaning!
Or monumental wordsmith verses in surplus.

Just wish I had time to write, the Chimes were tight,
but maybe a bit by the light at night on the beside I'll...

Keep on wielding a smile, will I ever need, a meaning to weave
words with my pen like I need just to breath?

A good night to you folks.
I'm done now... back to Naruto.

Four Good Buddies (1:17)


Four Good Buddies

Dues amount!
But don't count me out!
I'm the count in house!
Still around the grounds!
Counting down for downs!
Need to pound them out!
Need to get in shape!
So I'm out of bounds!

Dude dues amount!
But it's quite alright!
I got shite to write!
I won't lie all quiet!
Say the truth always!
Echo through hallways!
Echo two one delta!
Coder two you felt a

Morse code through you?
More like Norse code, your folks
From the 212?
Me I'm from unusual blue,
Crystal clear wide lakes, from the truest groove.
Summer comes with sunshine, and I'm toodlelou.
Going way up North - what you dudes can't do.

Getting stupid. Farming the plot like I'm a cupid,
Give it lots of life! Cause I've got, no other wooings.
Take some pics real quick and maybe show you what I'm doing,
Get back, make a few tracks, rap, I could use a Whoo Kid too!
But I got my buddies got the usual crew, S3C/Jabun,
Maybe they'll get that done,
Shouldn't rely on, other people, but I'm I lion!
Worst comes to shove I'm king of whatever I'm on!

But I really do appreciate good buddies and making music,
Best times of life, Cyberdevil I'd better do this,
Don't stop recording, don't stop performing,
In my office while not on my office job or boredom...
Nah... really I like my day job too.
I just dream sometimes of a greater déjà vu
Or a freer life, where people play my tunes,
Hope I can keep on going with the same old crew,

CDB out.

The Great One Interview

I just got interviewed! :) It's a two part deep dive into my crude art over at Newgrounds, read them here.

Lost In Hell

Lost In Hell

Haven't played this yet, but just got an honorable mention on the game page so here's the obligatory plug for it. :) I've been looking forward to this for some time though. It's free. 2D indie horror at its (hopefully) best!

Give it a shot if you have some time to spare. It's still in development but they're working through it fast, and it might not be free forever...

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