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Monsters (Lost in Hell OST)

Lost in Hell... so many stories... we've got to tell...
What is right... what is real... what frights...
Lurk in this realm... of chaos, and carnage...


Here comes Woodworth! Every day doing the good work!
You'd never guessed what's next, the way he donned and dressed,
Went from a solid detective, into a volatile wreck,
Though he's the top of the trek, the dotted dot of the best,

But there is darkness creeping up by his side,
Worlds collide, a stark Jekyll and Hyde,
The park's no longer green, no larks there sing serene,
The course and grimy scene like a shark cuts through your spleen...

In the underground labs, the funneling tunnels,
With bundles of rabid butter-like body huggers,
That huddle up and rummage, run though like a savage,
What can you do but shoot 'em through like they're cabbage,

Cuts your heart, the hellish and the hardened,
Our time may be over unless we can outarm then,
Eat brain and bullet, billowing brutal horde,
Woodworth the murderer cuts through like a sword...

They're MONSTERS! And there they dwell...
The cold catacombs, lost in hell...
Fear and dread, scarcely calm...
Fiercely fed, hear the alarm...

Beware here if you enter this eerie vale,
But no matter, the world's
Fucked already! AH!

Ring the bell, lost in hell...
Here they dwell, here they dwell...


So it happened. I neglected my rapping.
Felt pretty good way back when.
But I don't just want to feel good, I want to do good with my action,
Have an impact! This ain't scrabble on napkins.
I guess I dabble with a bit too many fractions.
And in a Flash I go lash out on alternate paths,
Like my passion's knot, and I got no ransom,
To give back, so they can unclog my whole calendar
Lavender oil on my chest so I sleep right.
Laugh in the mirror like I'm mad, so I'll be bright!
You know a real genius a little crazy?
Like the chick on the ship who flipped I pick: Daisy.
No time for games I'm back to making tunes,
But it's always on my mind and in name it is Doom,
Time sure seems gloomy when no music's in my room,
But moves like I've rocket fuel boosters too
So come February... gone. January... flew.
December's in my mirror but we don't check the rear view.
Cause I'm all about boobs. Wait that was not my move.
It's my breaking free, like for freedom have to prove.
That I'm not just... stuck in my cute cubicle too,
That like Naruto - I may move up to the moon.
Through a portal. Cause there is no shortage of what you can do.
And no shortcuts. If you want to assure you that you are you,
For us mere mortals there ain't too many portals,
But all too many parts - to play when this all starts,
I promise I won't just sit bitter and chimp on starch,
I'll chitter. I'll chatter. I'll banter.

For stardom/starters this is March.

Lotus Apparition

AKA The Big Image...


In my dreams.. my mind tries to see further than I can reach...
I delve into fantasies... verdant trees, a mermaid beach?
I'm trying to reach... light? From the deep night to something I see, somewhere up there, I seek sight...
I sleep tight in this dark world, after the quiet of night, in the eve my eyes slowly adjust to the cotton white skies... it's caught on too bright, a Godlike but cruel light... looks into my room but doesn't seem to see me and zooms by...


I'm out of focus, mind is blooming slowly like a lotus,
Climbing over mountains until the oceans approach us,
Music is my magic but I'm not all Hocus Pocus I seek truth,
Seek tunes I can see through and feel youth,
Creeping in me like a worm inside my gut,
So much creativity but I can't bring it up,
I know there must be masterpieces hidden deep within,
But they're clams on the bottom man, should I take a swim?

I know, the world is cold but it's colder in the winter,
Spring's a subtle simmer I'm just waiting to break through,
Buds are on the trees and there's pollen in the breeze,
But still snow lines the leafs instead of morning dew,
Used to write haikus each morning after my hundred words,
Checked my email before vitals, I had no hunger first,
Stuck to my routines, and new things, and wanted to go faster,
But there's more to life than how many dots you raster it's a...

( Big world! So wide... so wonderful...
I see it pass me by like I'm above it all...
Life is grand and I love it all...
Yet my purpose looms bigger than ever when I've become so small...
I'm still stuck in my past like a neanderthal...
Trying to make it last I'm not sure why it's important...
We're all morphing with these torn skins, but it's like my life's outgrown me...
And I've become an orphan...

That's the... big image!
New truths and old lies,
I'm trying to get from start to finish but not just in a straight line,
It's all a circle - I can still make time,

It's the... big image!
New excuses and old tries,
I'm trying to make the woes diminish but they're still sharp as a stark pike,
Like a shark in the park better not mark their hard bite! )

[ Ah ah ah ah! Ah ah ah ah! What am I doing with my life?
Why am I brooding over plights! I should've pushed outside like lullabies!
I'm too old to be grieving and too old to have demons when I know where the meaning lies,
Ah ah ah ah! Ah ah ah ah! What can I do to make it right? ]

...What can I do to make it right? What can I do to make it right? See the truth over lies, see the truth in new light, this beautiful life... what can I do to make it right? What can I do to make it right? What can I do to make it right? See the truth over lies, see the truth in new light, this beautiful life...


Don't let the bogus locus take you down and make you clown,
I've been around but I regret I never take the rounds I get,
Every morning my alarm clock's set and counting down,
And I wake up like I forget the sound,
I say get up! Though it only gets me down,
I say I regret, though it's not really that it's more like self-found debt,
Self-criticism, I'm confident I'm not over my doubt yet,
But I'll build that bridge over troubled water and get outlet!

It's a cold world but when it's warming it gets stormy,
I've been in my dorm so long that no one cares to warn me,
The cold season's a Tsundere but summer comes with thunder rays,
With the passion, it's hot and intense, like The Hunger Games,
This world is a vast one and so different for all,
Summer's sizzle the whistle I hear it call! Tears down all my walls!
It's all in those very few months, all at once,
Like you're disarmed then you get out your guns,
Like you've been legless than get out and run,
Like you get knocked down but get up like you bled just for fun,
If I had a one God it'd be the Sun God Ra! Let there be sun!

You know I was born in the North and I'm Norse like the Vikings,
Can't no storms stop me, nor norms, not even lightning I adore the light,
With every spark I feel like fighting! The little light I get
Gets me through each winter like D-vitamins.
With Ra by my side I'm a Titan, a King! I'm in the fighting ring!
Every morning a new sting and I go victorious,
While other people snore I go to war glorious cause I must,
This world is a fucked up place but it ain't conforming us.

( but on the other side... )

My mind goes in waves like all I'm doing is surfing,
I'm a vet to the net it's my step it's my curtain,
There's a dark web on the one side and a spider web on the other,
A real world waits outside but I'm still playing undercover cause it's a...

( Big world! So wide... so wonderful...
I see it pass me by like I'm above it all...
Life is grand and I love it all...
Yet my purpose looms bigger than ever when I've become so small...
I'm still stuck in my past like a neanderthal...
Trying to make it last I'm not sure why it's important...
We're all morphing with these torn skins, but it's like my life's outgrown me...
And I've become an orphan...

That's the... big image!
New rites and alibis,
I'm trying to get from start to finish but I start going in circles,
It's my mind, don't mind it, just let it by...

We're all built on electricity,
I've got sparks and ideas, but will I ever shine?
Head's clouded, but even though the clouds part the stars from my eyes
I know my heart's bright! )

( stream of monumental sound that seeps round )


How long have I been asleep... that consciousness where I've gone to rest...
Hope my fate's not past sealed, looking through the window on this mad street, fargone, far beyond stress...

In my dreams my mind sees further than I can reach! I delve into fantasies: I'm a monster, a Loch Ness...
In this dark world I sleep like a locked chest, but I wake when the spring comes with songs of the kingdom and this throne.
My eyes slowly adjust to the white skies as early birds sing with their known tones and light vibe, and I feel strong like a king come to his home!
Even if it's under a night sky!

To the world for his minions!
Let's start something that won't ever turn as dark as this dominion.
Sometime. Something great. That goes, and in a hundred years still comes...
That's the, big image.

( outro )

Inktober #31.5 - Halloweeeen

It's Halloweeeeen! It's over. Been goin' like a machiiine!
Take a break Cyberdevil? I don't know what you meaaan!
I hear Black Clover is an anime best to be seeeen!
So I'll add it to my watchlist I guess. Watch list me!

Every time I add something to it, it gets to moving.
A bit more prolific these latest years with my music.
Every October swoop in and sure enough get to grooving.
Always something a brewing! Cauldron of strange new coolant!

And y'all better have the best night tonight, cause guess WHAT?!
I've gone all through the days of the month and I'm so stoked!
To turn this to a mixtape next year - if I don't go broke!
And last one this one! Though the time flies I'm wishing

It would slow down. Have so much more I want to try.
On these old grounds. But the doors they stream me by.
You don't know how. I feel when I go to bed every night.
Want to stay awake for another DAY at least, it's so frustrating

But never mind that though now I'm so PSYCHED!
Inktober over and out. Cyberdevil been making the rounds.
Range Rover on the Grounds. No obstacles can stop me stir!
Raise the dead like a gospel choir! Happy Halloween y'all!!!

And word out.

Inktober #31 - The Outback

AKA Luminous, Open Close, Done...

It's been a friggin' month!
And you know I've been spittin' tons!
Bringin' out my lyrical guns not twice or once -
But like thirty friggin' times!

And now it's DONE! The month coming to closure.
As always I'm looking back wondering if I made the most of
All these zeros and ones. All my inner code.
Folders collecting files though, growing up my inodes.

Human potential still one of those unknowns.
How much stress can you handle. How much till you fold.
Falls and stalls. How many walls. How many goes shopping clothes!?
How many roads yo (fortytwo). How many rogues?

I mosey over to my notes: something about an outro.
Cannot do a credit roll once more. Nachos I'm proud yo.
Don't want to try Trump last year but I can't half-ass this either.
Cyberdevil seeping through the ether, now on speaker, yeah...

( music begins )

Looking up! Cyberdevil gon' be cool as fuck!
Someday when my shoes are up. Sitting sipping Suero.
Air apparant clear. Autumn days a waning.
Sitting on my steps but silent cause I'm done with saying.

The same things again and again, year after year...
Maybe in a decade or two I might be there.
Just completely out of energy, of angst and of anger.
Living in utopia. Total potent banger.

The dreamworld the world I see when I wake up and look out.
Still got time for NG, but also time for my books now.
Freelance for an hour maybe, make the dopest logo.
Cash in payment for a month, get back to the dojo.

Break a couple strawdogs, break a couple walls down!
Take a morning swim in the lake with all my dawgs now!
Pico Day done moved to the Swedish outback!
And it's not just a day but a year and it's packed!

We've got a party always raging, man life is amazing!
Taste the fresh air and maybe some tasty pastries!
Gluten-free of course we don't want no inflammation.
Did I mention I bought Sweden? It's now Cyberdevilnation!

Focused on the good stuff, on gift and creation.
On kindness, but with Elite Guard Barracks just incase,
Someone storms into our place with shady intention.
This gon' leave some indent... huh?!



It's been a killer month huh!

And it just gets better! And better!

Betterment forever! Huzzah!

That's the way. That's the plate.

Cyberdevil taste.


Al dente! It's easy to chew it's foody too.
DJ-DG on the beat, with a piece of soothing brew.
Felt like the right way to close up, cherish and toast stuff.
Like all of y'all who've been around till these curtains rose up.

Thank you Nick and Mejson! For staying in each day in!
Thank you Colizza for most frequent favorite saving!
And to all collaborators, JamesHeart the latest!
And larrynachos who was the first to send me a playlist!

And Father-of-Death, man your beats are all amazing!
They get me in the mood, they get me really racing.
And ADR3-N, would've been cool with more Actualization,
Still haven't read those producer tips but I am saving 'em

stevetherapper! For a short but also hype one!
And davidpuraloca for an unusually insightful
S3C for a soothing, killreal for a moving,
Jabun for an attitude brewing nostalgia fusion!

And Quarl, for this year's maybe favorite Bioloom.
And to VortexSupernova, hope we do another soon,
To Seth, can't wait for the tunes you're now at work with,
And Nabella too! Spacey new age move for certain!

I'm a thank you all again then it's time to close the curtain!
To move on to whatever is brewing in this here future!
This way beyond the dues now done by this here doer
Going to war with my resistance like the British verse the Boers...


I see the sun is sinking but I know a new one's looming!
If I don't see you soon you can be sure that I will swoop in!
In 2022 when the leaves are turning and cooping!
And the weather's growing cold, but if there are new bops for booping!

I will resume my doings! I will be back and oozing!
Lyrics and act a nuisance! Rap attack as an Uzi
Bring back a little fire and willpower to the Grounds,
Even if I'm under, best bet I'll be one with the sound.


And thank you for this one, DJ DG.

Inktober #30.5 - Who Really Is Alright

I've just been doin' too much... I think I'm running out of voice.
I've been pushing myself but I've GOT no choice.
I want to be the truest. If not to you then at least to me!
And I will keep it moving! Every beat I will emcee.

Gotta keep it grooving! Gotta keep it going to the end.
Among all these Truman, but also true men and true friends.
Though you never know huh? If you only know them online.
Someday I'd like to meet up. With some of them and see

For real! For me! Who really is... alright.

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