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Bruised Ribs, Piles & Smiles

I made it through the day I do have appreciation for it!
Slept well most the night though barely slept a mite before it.
Felt pretty down before yet I felt pretty up this morning,
Catching up my dues too, and doin' a little performing.

Not sure I bruised my ribs or just got some muscle soreness,
Could be inflammation, by my sternum not the cortex,
Where the ribs connect, whatever it is though is not important,
Just the pain that it projects, when you try to remain dormant!

I still drove in to work, and it was a day with not much boredom.
Always chores to do and the office move is a thwarting
Any plans to rest up I could have had but more so,
We're driving up Thursday, I'll be a weekend North though it's

So ill-timed with the office move! I feel remorseful!
Wish I could help out more but I gotta rest till I'm ready!
Next Friday will be here real soon and it'll be heavy!
Hope I have no bruised rib cause major time is the remedy! For that.

And then I'll be digging dirt until I get back.
And then I'll be working my ass off until the crack of
July comes with new joy, thought of buying a new toy!
A trimmer for the garden, cause farming's a lot and alarming

But I am rhyming now and it's calming, I'm writing now and it gives me,
A sense I'm doing something with life, I'm living indeed,
The pain seems to be fading and I am feeling privy to
A sense of appreciation I seldom feel in the city.

I smile... don't even mind I got piles!
Diet's adjusting. Fiber and fat or nothing!
I am on track and loving the iron mat that I'm hugging I call discipline!
Letting me live again! I'll see you in a while.

Pico Day & Mabelma Apology

I'm sorry, Mabelma!
Could've maybe gotten our Pico Day thing goin'...
If only I... was a little more potent.
I've been dealing with some personal curfews and all
But honestly I just have not... been flowing.
I say I've been going through the motions. Though I'm just -
Procrastinating! Well now it's out in the open...
Floating on a sea of wants I can't seem to move beyond,
With work and all, sucking my energy, through a straw.
So I caw from an open raft. Like I'm a showman.
I'm slow man. I want to FIX my work ethic.
Claw through my deathgrips. Feels pathetic.
I'm a one mind kind of guy and I find when life's hectic.
I stop eating other things. Anorexic like a king.
Some strong arts though! From this monarch.
Slumbering long and cold! Only the strong will know!
If you can force me to get on the road, how long I'll go
And I'll glow like an alien arc.

In conclusion: Pardon my diffusion.
Apologies on not only not always responding when I'm due in.
But not doing what I SHOULD be doing.
Life's confusing. Though I wonder if really...
All I really want to do is this music.
With which I'm grooving.

Maybe next time... after whenever we've swept deadlines,
to life it'd be nice to brew a dually cool
Somethin' we can both get into like... we two are one.
Still hope you have a good one... and that this do get done. Mabelma.

Feb 21 2019

What a world we live in, it's absurd,
My mother heard two shots, two people got merked,
I guess they gotta do what they gotta do, problem you,
Gangs shoot it out at school a few minutes from us in Bro,

It's a peaceful little small town, a few thousand
People who sleep well while the rest of the world's shouting,
We have a hospital, train station, a few stores
That have all been robbed - last time they rode a truck straight through the doors!

Before that it was a week of peace.
The beggars still sit and plead by the mailbox and ATM machine.
At times I feel I'm dreaming,
I don't feel threatened I just live in this little place

So far far from USA, why do we aid,
The rest of the world if we can't protect our own state,
School's in a wretched state, students stress but get no grades,
Teachers can't do shit, just obey and stay sane...

Politicians are scared of the problems and play games.
And live in parts where they don't see what they start with their brave reign.
We've got no one in charge, we've got no one to march,
We're fractioned brothers in arms, no traction just stumbling arses,

Harnessing no potential, tarnished with this dementia.
These bars aren't here to pretend we're spangled with stars and benevolence.
We are the fence, we harm ourselves when we don't arm ourselves,
With the power to change - apathy takes us far from health.

No more listening to common sense.
No more for the people just christening our wealth.

At least we still have our farm, what else,
Could distract me, from these mishaps that are happening?
It could end badly some day out on a backstreet,
But I'm just mad the people who can don't act they just stand and slander.

We could really make plans grander.
We could use our perspective to improve, not chase angles,
From which you see nothing so you can try naught,
Löfven prying to find a blind spot, my God!

I'm disappointed! It's the second election!
SD are growing but still we keep going in the wrong direction!
It's not about just your pride and ego Stefan,
Look at the streets, and listen to your people!

The corridors of power aren't just a peephole at the Rothchild peyote,
Evil don't need a sequel,
People playing Gods under Gods under Gods,
A pyramid scheme all the way up to the top.

And we got the top narcissist,
The one who wants us to not even start just quit,
The wick's limited see the notes in your sheets,
You'd best prepare your bed so you can sleep well.

Not enjoy the world while there is light!
Scared we might try to reconcile, with all our old pests so wretched and vile?
Abandon the Gods that made us do this! They say the devil's in the details,
We'd better go all Nudist.

I've read the Bible I'm not sure I'd stand for this occlusion.
Our sanity could stand a transfusion.

Devil's in the music we better go all silent,
Devil's in evil deeds but why is the Bible so violent?
And why aren't we advised to try to cure our lives before the afterlife?
Cause all is worthless right.

I'd rather be a good person than believe in God.
I know I'll never be perfect cause we all are flawed.
But I don't want to live my life behind a facade.
If I can reach at least ONE I feel I'll have WON.

And so what if there's nothing after: why be glum?
Why not try to make the most of the time, till your time has come?
I don't mean say fuck it all and leave all in a pile of dung,
But live free, cause we're all but puppets hung up and strung.

And you feel better if you're good person,
Be better, feel better, leave all uncertain on the steeple of old burdens.
Reap greater return and deeper virtues,
Cause you just can't breath under the surface. God will hurt you.

I wasn't planning for this to move to this spot,
This is my world though, a world of new Gods,
Where we choose our path and don't stray by the wrath of the past,
The scriptures still laid in aid and in straps. It's that strapped.

Some people will call it blasphemy, I call it facts.

The world's too full of sinners and psychopaths,
For us to turn to religion just to absolve us of sin,
Let us live like kings just thinking, as long as we trust God
Then we can live by whim.

Do stupid things that we regret but just believe... and you'll still be let in!

I'm not letting you into my home though, you'll have to atone through action!
Think before you act, act like a ___famous actor___
Why do these little kids stay strapped these days, they're not that of age,
I say I don't feel but I guess I do lots, and last night

We heard two shots.

Heatwave 2020

It's fucking hot! I want to spit some hot rhymes cause why not?
You hear my fan in the background and it won't stop.
I'm melting in my room it's all I got!
I got shampoo and hair conditioner, but no air conditioner! Aw.

If only we could stop time and get sunblock.
In our atmosphere? Or open all our fridges,
And get inside them. If only we all were midgets.
I can't outride this heatwave but I'm smiling.

Playing that I'm in some exotic desert country!
Casablanca! Sitting on the balcony with Annina Brandal!
Live only the night life there, don't need to sundown or no sunup.
You come out with that globe I'll pull my guns up!

Open all windows let the cool air in, it's you again,
You beautiful, you soothing friend,
But you never ever arrive with too much wind.
It's usually a standstill. If you don't move: my fan will.

This land mine so don't step or landfill bummer you.
Winter will come and kill this summer too,
But is it my imagination or is the whole nation facing
Way warmer seasons now, way warmer summer vacations.

So warm in fact I've got no form and no tact.
I wish it'd rain, bring me a storm with a rap!
Of lighting. Ah yes it can get frighting too!
When you have no lightning conductor just a high tin roof!

But come on now, cool down, just let us just like this light and moon.
And have cool summer nights without this fight and feud.
Heat wave and I'll be like: FUCK YOU.

Donkey Kong Rap Beat Rap Feat



Had to speed this up a bit cause I'm...

Not going to go on and on!
Cyberdevil climbing up like Donkey Kong!
Ladder on my back, if I get stuck I'm hopping on.
And Mario's the real villain, I was just...
Droppin' bombs!

On my lawn now... going bananas.
Cause I'm an artist and the whole world's my canvas.
Finna catapult to the old world from my hammock,
I'm oldskool dude but a captain too. Haddock.

Find these words in my mind behind a padlock.
Or without in my diary, I write to inspire me,
Steer a ship of thoughts on a higher sea, dire need,
When the world floods you need to float so: fly at me.

I am the one who steers the row boat, no motes,
I don't joke, no no I'm a slowpoke on a roll though,
On the road soon! Heading North cause I chose June!
Finna fill up notebooks in my old room, no moon.

Stay up all night we've got the midnight sun!
Stay up all day too till the dues are done!
I'm a platformer dude I just duke and run
With phat feats. Someday I'll be a crafty athlete

That's me, not-really-Donkey-Kong but on a rap beat.

His-Etat-is-ON (Remix)

AKA Bionic, Bionic Name...

Cyberdevil back on it going demonic!
Can he try to go high fly supersonic?
Y'all don't know the kind of level that I'm eyed on!
Fly on! High dawn! Times up! Try on!

Striving to be the most better emcee
Spit the venom with ease get every letter to crease
Glue 'em in at the seams and never seize with the beat
It goes goes goes goes never sleeps dawn inevitably

Comes crawling! No plans to stop no stalling
I plan to rock all Halloween Eve this wee morning!
Y'all better peep on in we got the beat I think
Greet ya you won't ever sleep again!

Plan B was to lock and load it!
Today away but I ain't got no motive!
The wait is done and it'll all be over!
In a moment, hooold up flow just got colder.

Did you think I'd be bitten by these fast paced
Half-ass takes in this roundabout rat race?
Mishaps with a r-r-round recently but hack the clock
Cyberdevil said that the track won't stop!

We go on we go on we go on one take!
Oh-Same ma-ma-ma-ma-mama man I need that pace!
Low on time today so keep it safe
Sweep the stakes, weep away if you need embrace

Much love love love love love love love love love love...

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