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Heatwave 2020

It's fucking hot! I want to spit some hot rhymes cause why not?
You hear my fan in the background and it won't stop.
I'm melting in my room it's all I got!
I got shampoo and hair conditioner, but no air conditioner! Aw.

If only we could stop time and get sunblock.
In our atmosphere? Or open all our fridges,
And get inside them. If only we all were midgets.
I can't outride this heatwave but I'm smiling.

Playing that I'm in some exotic desert country!
Casablanca! Sitting on the balcony with Annina Brandal!
Live only the night life there, don't need to sundown or no sunup.
You come out with that globe I'll pull my guns up!

Open all windows let the cool air in, it's you again,
You beautiful, you soothing friend,
But you never ever arrive with too much wind.
It's usually a standstill. If you don't move: my fan will.

This land mine so don't step or landfill bummer you.
Winter will come and kill this summer too,
But is it my imagination or is the whole nation facing
Way warmer seasons now, way warmer summer vacations.

So warm in fact I've got no form and no tact.
I wish it'd rain, bring me a storm with a rap!
Of lighting. Ah yes it can get frighting too!
When you have no lightning conductor just a high tin roof!

But come on now, cool down, just let us just like this light and moon.
And have cool summer nights without this fight and feud.
Heat wave and I'll be like: FUCK YOU.

Donkey Kong Rap Beat Rap Feat



Had to speed this up a bit cause I'm...

Not going to go on and on!
Cyberdevil climbing up like Donkey Kong!
Ladder on my back, if I get stuck I'm hopping on.
And Mario's the real villain, I was just...
Droppin' bombs!

On my lawn now... going bananas.
Cause I'm an artist and the whole world's my canvas.
Finna catapult to the old world from my hammock,
I'm oldskool dude but a captain too. Haddock.

Find these words in my mind behind a padlock.
Or without in my diary, I write to inspire me,
Steer a ship of thoughts on a higher sea, dire need,
When the world floods you need to float so: fly at me.

I am the one who steers the row boat, no motes,
I don't joke, no no I'm a slowpoke on a roll though,
On the road soon! Heading North cause I chose June!
Finna fill up notebooks in my old room, no moon.

Stay up all night we've got the midnight sun!
Stay up all day too till the dues are done!
I'm a platformer dude I just duke and run
With phat feats. Someday I'll be a crafty athlete

That's me, not-really-Donkey-Kong but on a rap beat.

His-Etat-is-ON (Remix)

AKA Bionic, Bionic Name...

Cyberdevil back on it going demonic!
Can he try to go high fly supersonic?
Y'all don't know the kind of level that I'm eyed on!
Fly on! High dawn! Times up! Try on!

Striving to be the most better emcee
Spit the venom with ease get every letter to crease
Glue 'em in at the seams and never seize with the beat
It goes goes goes goes never sleeps dawn inevitably

Comes crawling! No plans to stop no stalling
I plan to rock all Halloween Eve this wee morning!
Y'all better peep on in we got the beat I think
Greet ya you won't ever sleep again!

Plan B was to lock and load it!
Today away but I ain't got no motive!
The wait is done and it'll all be over!
In a moment, hooold up flow just got colder.

Did you think I'd be bitten by these fast paced
Half-ass takes in this roundabout rat race?
Mishaps with a r-r-round recently but hack the clock
Cyberdevil said that the track won't stop!

We go on we go on we go on one take!
Oh-Same ma-ma-ma-ma-mama man I need that pace!
Low on time today so keep it safe
Sweep the stakes, weep away if you need embrace

Much love love love love love love love love love love...

Nomind #30 - Nomind

It's the final day and I must say!
This all went pretty well it went kinda my way...
The month really flew by and I've had no time for no games...
That I should've been testing! Nor had time for no resting!

Suppose I been stressing but it's less hectic than a blessing.
It's more like I'm on fire, still inspiration left in.
And I'm happy that I'm burning, even in this here recession.
I'm happy I'm still learning, mastering and progressing.

I'm happy I'm still earning, too! Day job's no joke though.
You don't have time for much but that stuff when you are woke
didn't think I would ever become such an Average Joe but there you go
Go to sleep one day next you wake it's kinda cold!

You're kinda old! You kinda need to stretch.
You kind of have a dandruff problem up on your head.
You want to get ahead but opt for comfortable instead.
Cone-formed tables got me going in circles! Need my meds.

I want to spit some sick shit. Rip some hieroglyphics.
Come out with the wisdom, with more bars than a prison.
Cuneiform or Akkadian, something from old religions!
Warming up like a piston! Unicode range a million!

You in a code, minions! You wouldn't know Hades!
If the flames burnt your feet off, you're in the Matrix!
My man, you might not see this red pill as a savior,
But choke on it a bit, don't spit, you'll thank me later.

Unless you're one of those who can't stomach.
The truth. Then you: no monarch.

Nomind November till it's go find
Your ember! The idea. You can't. Kill.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but brick by brick you lay.
Look at! What you have. Built.

All it took was time! you prevailed!
You're strong! You don't grow frail. If you don't. Take no. Slaves.

Only you can master. Yourself. It won't go faster.
Only you. Can you. Obey.

Can you, end this? Can of worms. Can of friendship.
The candle. That lights! My day.

It's No Mind November! There's no shine here ever! But I think.
I see! Shade.

And that means, Light is. Played.

Ignite us. Knight us! Name.

Yourself! Be brave.

Go find. Your way.

My time. Today.

Now fades...


But Nomind Novemeber don't mind! No time can kill a coalmine.
Real words, if heard, makes the real world, absurd.

That wasn't what I was going for, more like... behold the ore.
You can grow gold off the lowest holds. Go get your own.

I mean... dig till your fingers bleed but if of rings you're freed.
Then you won't peel your skin when you begin/proceed!

I mean if you can just stay in this league, you can reach the highest lows!
You can get a foothold in the spine of ghosts, you can climb till night is laden.

Bare before you. Blood moon playing on the prairie, feeling weary,
Werewolves howling like Bloody Mary but I'll spare thee...

I'll let thee go. Some wisdom takes a toll to know. Takes a step and woe.
Takes regret and old age; no adepts can go to these lands of cowardice.

Without the power of an hour's life.


Nomind #29 - Type Writer Twentynine

Twenty nine and I guess it's time!
To write a rhyme can't misstep this time.
I'm counting down, not many left now I'm,
On the final step now, I've gotta set my mind!

Should I keep going with embers even in December?
The coal still smoldering. Boulder still a rolling.
I feel pretty controlled and grim. But kinda shouldering.
A bit too many tasks so might be wise with a colder stove-ening.

Yeah... when this is done I'm in the clear.
I do deserve a rest. Out line the rest of the year.
No time to catch a breath though, I'll catch up with what is next yo,
Gotta still control my steps @Fro, don't rush but take it dead cold.

Smoldering notepad could use a bit of pre-cooling.
Unhealthy in here till year ends with this fuming.
And at risk of burning lyrics if I keep up and don't chill it.
I got the gift of game but a shame to just kill it. Gotta give some LIFE!

What up now nature? Just one final day and I will see you later; savor later.

Life's... alright.

Nomind #28 - That Way

Ain't life great! Man I'm on twenty eight.
Feel like I went in late but I've not spent my pace.
I get better and better the more the time draws close!
The final dose! When I will be like: I done played
With this prose when I could be all serious!
Like everything in life, straight up nefarious,
Shed all my fears and just, walk up the stairs and cuss,
Like I don't give a fuck, someday I'll live it up.

Live like I'm a true blood monarch.
I do what I promise but I promise too many dues!
When you choose tanuki to ride on instead of horse
Of course the course will be course should've been Yuki!
Do you seek? What I'm saying? I speak true freak?
Sometimes my tongue slips - sloop - it's too juicy.
If I was famous you could juke a few juicy scoops
Into this milkshake - the booze is loose.

But then I: Put the lid on again before it's open.
Fully open. Pandora's Box for real ain't joking!
If I let loose for real you won't ever choose to be here,
As true as my shoes are apparel.
You'd be like: Who is that freak of nature?
Well It's Cyberdevil y'all, sizzling in Jamaica!
Just had to escape into the forests where it is safe, uh,
Really shouldn't joke, yeah I know lives been at stake, ya...

You see what happens when I go all in?
At least I'm going though! Tired of stopping n stalling,
Slick Rick he still be ballin' so I guess it'd be okay,
If I do go ham and sprawl into the booty land like a
Hooligan in May? Who be this newbie who be cray
He be Cyberdevil he be heebie-jeebies, original, OG,
Like Jeezy, can't put him in a retreat. He be...

That way.

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