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A New PS2

Back in...2005 (?) I bought a PS2 from a friend. I think I paid around 600KR for it back then, with a couple controllers and a few (I realized when selling them later on) good games included. I sold it for around 700KR a few years later; a few of the games separately, but I kept the ones I really liked. I also kept my memory card and a couple of controls for unknown reasons. Probably because I just like owning stuff, and I already made a profit on the sale so I didn't need to sell them. I would probably not have kept any of the games though if it wasn't for Alien Hominid, a game I miraculously managed to get my hands on at a fairly decent prise and surprise and really didn't want to get rid of.

If you don't know about Alien Hominid (and you probably don't if you don't know me), it's a game produced by NG; an evolved console version of a flash classic, one of the most popular, not to mention oldest, games made in flash. It's a 2D FPS with explosive graphics and a lot of variety action. You play an alien, you chomp peoples heads off... it's kind of like Metal Slug. Well no, it's not similar at all apart from the fact that it's bloody and fun and two-dimensional. What I'm trying to say is that Alien Homid is a) A great game, b) A rare game and c) A game developed by a community I frequent. So I wanted to keep it, and thus I kept a few other games I liked in my PS2 collection. But enough about old times...

Last weekend I was browsing a Swedish counterpart to eBay (Blocket) and I found a used PS2 console with 9 games, 2 controllers and a supercool pair of foldable headhpones for just 300KR. I took the bait of course, and I'll admit, I would have taken the bait even if those funky foldable headphones hadn't been included. The fact that I recently ordered GTA LC/VC stories might have something to do with me wanting a new PS2 too. I've been bidding on a bunch of PS2s last week but they all escalated rapidly in price, way beyond my budget. Well maybe not beyond budget, but at least way beyond the limit as to what I'm prepared to pay for a console I don't plan on selling and therefore won't be making a profit on. I thus have to feel like I'm making a profit already when I buy it. But, I bought it now, and I do feel like I made a profit. I feel like I saved 400KR, although that's just stupid reasoning comparing the new to the old and seeing that I'm saving double as much as I'm paying now that I sold the old one for more than I bought this one for. If you're wondering: It works fine. I'm not selling it this time, and I look forward to playing the two GTA games I've missed, that must have been released obscurely or surprisingly late for the PS2 (after I'd sold it) since I didn't get my hands on them when they came out. As far back as I remember I've always been a fan of the GTA series. Even before I was 18. O_o

Is there a conclusion to this post? I'm not sure, but I'll end it here anyway. I've been playing GTA 3/VC/SA for the past month too, btw, for a second (and final) time each. I was planning on playing one at a time but I kinda started playing them all at the same time and I'm halfway through all of them. I won't start on the spin-off games till I'm done though. For real. Promise. And so this is the end of a post and a great day. I'll see you later.


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