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Catching Up On GTA 5

So I've been reading up on GTA 5 lately. Supposedly it's coming out soon. :) I remember the hype around GTA 4 when it first came out, but I was still deep down in GTA SA (I played it way past completion) so I wasn't as hyped up as everybody else back then. I still haven't played GTA 4! ARGH! None of my computers is good enough, and I suppose it goes without saying I won't be playing this one either. Not for a while, at least. Actually I'm backtracking through the 3rd GTA generation games one last time, for a kick of nostalgia, maybe... but after that, who knows, maybe I'll get a new computer and catch up! What I have been catching up on lately is the news. The sneak previews so far, I must admit, look pretty amazing...


Serene Scene


Nice Ride!

Gotta Jet

In The Wildside

Courting Tennis

Are You Cross?


A Chase

Flying High



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