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INK 19

INK 19

Use this to chase away some darkness. Light some sparks with. Shine some stars with. Try some bars with. Drive some cars with. After all we're not meant to have our lives spent: in garages. We're meant to show our power! And harness!

Thrive in arts with! Climb compartments! Mind bombardment! Re-affirm your self-worth and: go out and start shit!!! Though I don't mean no arson. I mean find some heart/bliss. A moment of calm even under these dark whisks; stark grips of state and hardship.

It's the season, for believing. In hope; humanity; reason. ;)

2019 may be long over but: found some closure.

Happy Holidays y'all! Also: post with more info on this project here.

Additional Mixing and Mastering by Nick Standing (@Jabun) at JabunAudio.

If for any reason you want to go back and compare the originals are here. ;)

You can download the above in full for free here.

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