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People In Their Cells

People in their cellphones. No I don't mean on, I mean in, it's already been the next big thing. And what's weird is that I'm still more socially awkward than they are, but hey I can make bars. They're just not social. Unless you call a social call a phone call. Everyone's on FaceBook acting like they know all. I'm sitting on the subway in the dead of nights gloam... everyone's buried in their phones.

Phony clones you know, who only cherish what they own. Even in groups they sit alone. Even when they're near the world their world is a zone. Rolling solo on the roam, traveling the road... but always home? I say no, it's not the way to go. I say hell, I can't be people by myself. So why do all these people hide in cells? Am I the only peep here with a shell I want to shell and live for real, the only one who feels we should rebel? And be of greater help, and stop living in stealth, and do some good that's felt, instead of clipping our feelings to our belts.

People in their cells.


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