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Promises Redefined

I've been thinking, and I know  I should have finished thinking before the new year arrived, but it seems things work a bit differently now in year two thousand nine. I am a very self-criticizing individual, always striving to achieve perfection. I know I'm never going to reach perfection, and I am happy about this, because if one reaches perfection then there is nothing more to strive for. Yet I aim for and hope that I'll become a better individual this year, as well as reach the goals I have set out for myself, all goals probably improving me as a person too.

I divided my list of promises into three this time, focusing on the three current main factors of my life. Me, Life and Newgrounds. The lower in the list the lesser the priority, but the easier the task. I won't be going through this list one at a time, but I will look back at this post once in a while and try to stay on the right track, and I think that these are really the things I feel and should strive for most. My educational goals go without saying, I am studying full-time the first semester this year, which is of course my top priority, all else turns to shit if I don't get my tributive money, evidential grades and wisdom gained, but other than my studies, what I want to and will do:


  1. Never hesitate
  2. Write one poem each day of the year
  3. Improve my singing skills and vocal voice
  4. Learn to communicate better with other people
  5. Improve enough physically to participate in Marathon
  6. Finish all projects I start, and focus on tasks at hand


  1. Get tattoo
  2. Get drivers license
  3. Double my savings
  4. Get website costs +/- 0
  5. Publish one book
  6. Start company


  1. Reach 20,000 Forum Posts
  2. Reach 10,000 Flash Reviews
  3. Reach 5,000 Music Reviews
  4. Submit two Flashes each day in a month
  5. Submit two Audios  each day in a month
  6. Participate in six important events


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