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Resolutions 2012

I aim to keep things simple this year. Before the clock struck midnight yesterday and the skies filled with fire I scribbled down a list of goals and resolutions. I aim to fulfill them all this year. After some restructuring and elaboration on what my resolutions really mean, I wrote this. Here's what I will and won't do 2012 (in no specific order, everything of equal importance this year):

  • I will not watch anything (movies, series, anime, videoclips, etc) until all unfinished business is finished. When I say unfinished business I'm mostly thinking about my websites, of which most have not been updated or updated properly (IOW, are getting really messy) in far too long. I have unused domains lying around. I have email still not backed up. I have studies left over. I have a lot of work to do.
  • I will take at least one 30 minute walk every single day of the new year. I usually take a 30-40 minute walk every morning anyway, but usually is not enough.
  • I will improve my vision continuously by exercising my eyes at least 5 minutes every morning and afternoon and taking a one minute break from the computer at least once every 20 minutes. In the past I've been sitting waaaay too long by the computer without rest. Bad habit.
  • I will improve physically by exercising frequently and forming a new exercise plan every month. No definite promises on the outcome yet, but basically I hope to be in better shape at the end of this year than I have ever been before.
  • I will eat healthier. If I'm depressed or tired or watching a movie I won't be lured by the temptations of eating large quantities of whatever consumptionable material is accessible.
  • I will brush my teeth at least twice every day.
  • I will write a blog every day. By this I don't mean I'll have at least 365 posts by the end of the year, I mean I'll actually post something every day. Not necessarily long posts, but always something. I'll feed the blog as if it were alive.
  • I will write a diary entry every day. Privately. You won't be getting any of this. ;) I barely wrote any entries offline in 2011, and even before that I've never managed to go a whole year without missing at least a month or two.
  • I will write at least one poem, lyric, chapter in a book or other creative text every day.
  • I will not waste time. Time is easily wasted by re-reading things I don't need to re-read, browsing YouTube (or other sites) when I have other things to do, or just sitting by the computer when I'm tired and not capable of thinking efficiently. Time is also wasted by doing things I don't need or even want to do, like reorganize files that are already organized, or watch a movie just for the sake of having watched it.
  • I will contact at least one artist and offer my lyrical services a specific day every week. I'm thinking every Monday, since I like getting things done as soon as possible. So that's tomorrow... any suggestions on which artist I should contact first? Or even better, are you an artist that needs contacting? Let me know!
  • Every day I will do at least 10 situps, 10 pushups, 10 squats. This is just a minimum. Even if I'm sick I'll be able to manage this... and a 30 minute walk.
  • I will stretch at least twice every day, morning and afternoon.
  • I will become self-sufficient this year. I wanted to say I'd get my own place, my own car, a new computer... but all material wealth will have to wait. This is the big goal.
  • If I feel unmotivated or tired, I will take a walk, exercise, speak to someone, or rest instead of pertaining to other forms of entertainment or working inefficiently when things need to be done.
  • I will practice vocals everyday. If not in shower, then during a walk. If not during a walk, then as a separate session, just not by the computer.

Those are my resolutions. So what will I actually be doing this brand new year? Studying? Working? Designing websites? Writing lyrics? You know as much about that as I do, except that I have big plans. Real big... maybe too big... as always. :) Time to start refurnishing this website and this one and just checking this one to see if it's perfect or not. It's a start. ;)

Sail on!


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