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Scripter Specials #8
This here is the last WeBox post in 2009! After this, we're back to the regular six links a week editions. Good news, because I'm getting a bit tired of these longass posts. You might have noticed the descriptions getting shorter and shorter all the while`It's no suprise, longass linklists need multiple descriptions which takes a longass time. The only true long ass was the one drawn by Salvador Dali though. I saw it at a museum not too longass ago. Regardless, lets move on to this years last WeBox edition. Over and under and out.

#456 Mania Computer

Mania Computer may look pretty unprofessional, with a layout taken straight from the 90´s, but they have a great deal of good articles intact, all of more modern age.

#455 Gilly

Gilly has a few tutorials, a few downloads, and a few other pages.

#454 Totally PHP

We move on through the listing with a site that's just TOTALLY PHP. Tutorials, scripts, etcetera.

#453 WarkenSoft

WarkenSoft Productions specializes in designing quality websites tailored to suit your personal style or company needs. They have free scripts to offer, interesting blogs, information, and of course their services.

#452 Digioz

No intro, just service specific descriptions and updates. They offer a lot, at good prices, and also provide downloads oftheir own scripts. Many of them available within at least a dussin programming languages. I am impressed.

#451 Net Created

Net Created offer one service, and no more. A script that imports Google Analytics data.

#450 JWS Marketing

She's Jessica Swick, and this is her freelance / work portfolio. She strives to create not only a beautiful, crisp websites, but fully functional applications that will better serve your customers and make your day to day tasks much easier. All show and plenty of go!

#449 MJJ Designs

MJJ Designs is a full service design studio, offering web, graphic and print design. They're U.S. based, and don't outsource their work. They're proud of what they build, and assure you that you'll be proud, too.

#448 Noah Bratzel

Noah Bratzel is a web programmer with over ten years of experience building advanced web and database applications. His site is simple, with a portfolio, contact form, services and introduction page.

#447 Dating Scripts

Specialized in dating scripts!

#446 Prime Graphix

Creative programming. Articles, experiments, etc. For example, they have a script that figures out when Easter will be this very year! I use it on this site, see if you can find it. ;)

#445 Tutorialize

Tutorials on a little bit of everything.

#444 Toxic Lab

This dangerous place deals with the explosive arts of PHP programming, and a few other coding languages as well.

#443 Steve Dawson

Freelancer Steve Dawson has a few useful tutorials to give you.

#442 Spoono

More fun than rabies at a dog show, they say, and I can do no other than agree. What kind of slogan is that anyway?! Slogans aside, this here is a good website providing you with various scripts, tutorials and other forms of entertainment, as well as a lot of links.

#441 Kenzey

It's a proxy list. You might find this useful, even though it has nothing to do with PHP.

#440 PHP Everywhere

PHP Everywhere is a large database of PHP related articles and tutorials..

#439 Follor

Webmaster tips and tricks.

#438 Raditha

Radithas PHP section, a few useful scripts, articles and tutorials. Raditha has a JAVA section too, if you're interested.

#437 Sepiroth

All about flash, PHP, Python and other stuff!

#436 Flash Attach

Website addons in flash. Pretty swift!

#435 Flash DB

The Flash Database. One of the most extensive flash databases around. You'll find entire forum, guestbook & blog things here that are rare elsewhere, many of them for free. It's definately worth a look.

#434 Zimmertech

Zimmertech offers webdesign services and a whole lot of tutorials too.

#433 Mouse Whisperer

A commercial area offering quite a few useful tutorials and scripts for free.

Last edition of lost links you'll find here. ;)

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