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Week 39, 2017

I woke up with a headache but I don't get it.
Is it lack of sleep that gets me trepid?
Is it what I eat I can't digest SIC?
Is it how I live that gets me stressing?
Today I'm getting visits from my next kin and a buddy and this headache is fucking distressing.
I try to de-stress - but it won't go away with resting,
Magnesium oil feels good but I'm just testing I could really use a blessing.
Maybe it's self-congestion?
Too much magnesium? It's a bit vexing...
And beetroot's supposed to oxygenize the blood,
Maybe I ate too much, maybe I didn't eat enough.
It feels a bit better just sitting up but when I walk it's tough,
Gets like a migraine when the day leads away but just breath OK?
Show the world some love!
It feels like it's all in my mind, so give it all with your mind, and leave the wallow'n behind...

Sometimes it fades with time.
Sometimes it gets better so why stress and whine?
I see the patterns but I can't quite place them.
I feel them coming but I can't always evade them.
Lately it feels like there's always one in the making that I can't escape not even with my cape but I know one thing:
If I just live right then there's just no such thing!
Should read the signs.

But I'm near-sighted,
Why is it like this?
I'm going blind.


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