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Week 7, 2017

I made a mistake... I made a mistake...
I should've started this from the bottom back when it was a piece of cake.
Instead I wait... and the days they go and the time grows slow and my projects start to levitate,
And I can't catch them! I might've been rash then thinking this year would be the year that I'd have it made,
But I'll make it happen! If not this year then one year yeah, some day!

It's gonna be great! It's gonna be great...
I'll rise up from the rut and bust till I can live up all that I forsake.
I'll get through the days... with the shady gray till the sun glows and grows and blows up slow like only the early wakers see,
Can you imagine some days I dreamt of starting a bakery, would it make me free...
What? Would that tame me? Would I want to put me in a cage where there's no space to breath and live sanely? And no place to leave... Is that the space for me... MySpace died down years ago and I wouldn't put my hope on a Zucker - he looks too stuck up all this fake news has got you fucked up. Grow a pair and get moving trucka'! Step up to the world like a human, rise up like the sun one day and be a new man busta'! if I can't trust you than who can I trusta'?

I made a mistake... if I can't trust in me then who's gonna trust in me, who's gonna trust emcees you don't get beats for a buck don't feel a need I just want to steal some sleep and kneed my dreams, till I get up steaming schemes,

Oh hey! I made a mistake. I slept for I wake. I took a breath and then I held that breath when I got a next breath to take... I recorded a song when I could've done tapes... I started up slow but then I started growing late... And still I wait! I feel like, I feel like I - I made a mistake... I made a mistake.


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