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12 Hours

Of work. Ugh. Fifteen minute lunch. Three hour drive back and forth.

You gotta chip in when it matters though, big move, the boss'll be slaving away at least tomorrow too, though my part was almost entirely network diagnostics. More running up and down stairs than carrying or packing boxes. And even after plenty of overtime we can't seem to get more than one computer connected at once. Can't reach router interface. Can't troubleshoot properly via router software. Can't create simultaneous connections via any combination of switches and/or modems and/or routers and/or network card configurations... but one's working, and one printer's working, and I'll be back at it on Monday.

Hopefully something magical happens then.

Maybe the only real problem's our modem. It was built (and used) for ADSL. Apart from that we only have switches. We might need something different for the first link.

For now though I'm about to sleep deep and hopefully enjoy the weekend. Maybe even rest up a little. Though we'll be celebrating with some relatives tomorrow and Sunday's Mother's Day and next week we're driving up North on Thursday, hopefully... so maybe no rest for a while now.

Haven't felt this burnt out in a while. But it's a satisfying kind of burn for once, today, network setup failures or no. And the new office actually seems kind of cozy... maybe I'll feel at home there after all. Time will tattle.

I did my best! Now let's get rest. Then let's go battle.


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Jun/9/2021

    I do this all the time

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Jun/9/2021

    Try to setup a fiber network with a modem when you really need a router?!

    Or you mean 12 hour days?

    Those some long days...

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