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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! ^_^

Happy Halloween!

Banned Once More

Oh my, I've been banned again. 3rd time this month!
I'll be back at the BBS in a day or two.

UPD: Ported from NG

Love Cms

I love Content Managment.

Ever heard of Love CMS? I doubt it. Love CMS is a great script, but it has so many flaws that I don't know where to start. Not in the script itself, no, the flaws are on their scripts website. I downloaded the script, translated the English language file to Swedish and went back to their site in order to contact them and send them a copy. Theres no contact page. Theres no email. I looked through the license, where you can sometimes find one . . . nope. I went to the forums, nothing their either. Searched the member list for admins, looked at their profile. Email was set to private. I tried to register, registrations were turned off. I tried replying to posts, guests didn't have access. I went back to the main site, looked through all pages, nothing. I searched google, the scripts main website wasn't even in the first three pages!

I doubt anyone could have done a more lousy job at advertising than they have done. The only place you'll find a link and description of the script is at hotscripts, that's the only place you can find it. If they want my language file they'll have to come here and get it. I have a contact form, a contact link, a support email, an email adress listed in the site policy, an email address included in my script files, in my language files and on countless other locations. If your a developer of Love CMS, click the comments link and send me your email, quick. For Swedish users, Loce CMS and 6alBlog language files ( in Swedish ) will be added to the language page tomorrow.

Great Big Japanese Test

I had my great big Japanese test today! I wrote 8 pages, and it took me three hours. I really have no idea how good essays at university level are required to be though, since this is my first, but I hope this was good enough. I've been studying at least 8 hours per day all days this week, so it's a relief to get over with it.

Woo, the weight is off my shoulders now though, heh, time to get back to being active on NG and working on my mountain of websites. :P I went bowling last weekend btw. It's been 4 years since the last time I went bowling, it was fun. Turns out I'm a lot better than I thought I was too, or maybe just lucky, since I traveled up onto second place in the bowling alley highscores that day! Woo! I got 141 points, the #1 had 153. The place was crowded too, all 12 lanes were taken. Feels GREAT.

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UPD: Service gone long time now, links removed.

Emails 36th Birthday

What would life be without it? Once again, Happy Birthday email! :)

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