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Bruised Ribs, Piles & Smiles

I made it through the day I do have appreciation for it!
Slept well most the night though barely slept a mite before it.
Felt pretty down before yet I felt pretty up this morning,
Catching up my dues too, and doin' a little performing.

Not sure I bruised my ribs or just got some muscle soreness,
Could be inflammation, by my sternum not the cortex,
Where the ribs connect, whatever it is though is not important,
Just the pain that it projects, when you try to remain dormant!

I still drove in to work, and it was a day with not much boredom.
Always chores to do and the office move is a thwarting
Any plans to rest up I could have had but more so,
We're driving up Thursday, I'll be a weekend North though it's

So ill-timed with the office move! I feel remorseful!
Wish I could help out more but I gotta rest till I'm ready!
Next Friday will be here real soon and it'll be heavy!
Hope I have no bruised rib cause major time is the remedy! For that.

And then I'll be digging dirt until I get back.
And then I'll be working my ass off until the crack of
July comes with new joy, thought of buying a new toy!
A trimmer for the garden, cause farming's a lot and alarming

But I am rhyming now and it's calming, I'm writing now and it gives me,
A sense I'm doing something with life, I'm living indeed,
The pain seems to be fading and I am feeling privy to
A sense of appreciation I seldom feel in the city.

I smile... don't even mind I got piles!
Diet's adjusting. Fiber and fat or nothing!
I am on track and loving the iron mat that I'm hugging I call discipline!
Letting me live again! I'll see you in a while.


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