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If you become what you eat, does that mean we should eat humans?


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  1. Cyber
    Monday Dec/7/2015

    Cause we live like animals.

  2. S3C
    Tuesday Dec/8/2015

    For one, humans are animals. And no, we should not eat them as at the core humans are pretty insane (hence why we live in a f*cked up world) and therefore cannibalism causes people to become insane( Cows, chickens, fish, are pretty docile and we should strive to be more like them. So if you eat enough beef your body will be able to digest grass. Not to mention you will be fat like a cow. If you eat enough chicken you will become frightened easily (but if you eat enough bald eagles you will gain the ability to fly). Eat enough fish and you will become like Kayne West, a gay fish. Eat enough plants and you will produce a very healthy bowel movement!!

  3. Cyber
    Wednesday Dec/9/2015

    Hmm but the people who became sick, were mostly those who ate dead people. Does this mean, that if you eat the dead: you will become dead, but if you eat the living: you will become alive?

    So you eat chicken, you become chicken, and if you eat beef, you will become beefy! If you eat a bald eagle... you become bald? There's something fishy about fish though, that statement just doesn't... swim right with me. :/

    I hear if you eat enough carrots you go orange, so I suppose if you eat enough greens you go green. If you eat enough mold you grow mold. Eat much and grow you go old.

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