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Happy Easter Y'all

Been catching up on some interesting reading lately, I bookmark too much...

Like for example here are various interesting charts over statistics from the past year, some of the best inventions of the past year, the main reason AI maybe isn't like us at all, the most popular toys for all birth years thus far (mine was the original GB - I do have one! Traded it for a Pokemon card), some powerful psychology-related visuals, interesting info on cola - though I don't fully agree with the aspartame bit - skim PubMed if you wonder why, and this site is pretty cool - you can for example get Snoop Dogg to send you a Birthday message. If you have the dough to spare. Or (cheaper) hire Kanye East for some prime political and/or hip-hop satire.

Also there was a pretty cool Andrew Huang and Rob Scallion thing a while back, and if you still play GTA SA you need the Gangster Sit Fix that Silent released this April. It's a game-changer. Literally.

All mods are literally game-changers aren't they? But... yeah, check it out. Sit down and partake in some of this stuff. Don't fall out of your seat now. Don't babysit. Learn. Grow. Become an evolved adult model humanoid.

In life-related news we've been celebrating a whole lot of Easter this recent weekend. Was away on Saturday, had egg hunts on Sunday, had guests today, have had a lot of sunshine and I really need to get my gym-related routines going for real again tomorrow as to process some of the seasonal surplus of sweet sweet chocolate-related edibles (edibles as in things you eat - they don't get you high - just your blood sugar) I've been binging...

Had some dream I planned on writing about but I forgot 'em.

I've been playing Golden Sun: The Lost Age a bit. Night time.

I'm almost through the game now... initially I loved every second of it, and totally immersed myself in the mystery word thereof, but eventually the puzzles become a bit much... it's a great game, with a good rate of progression, good fight trade and figure-things-out mechanics, great lore, dialog and character building, but it's a little puzzle-heavy - with a bit too expansive dungeon-style puzzles on some parts - and it's easy to get lost. Both in those dungeons and with your progress overall; not know where you should be heading next.

It's an open-world type game and sometimes a bit too open.

I am having fun with it though so that's the main thing. I found my way back to the main storyline yesterday too. Woohoo.

Summer's coming in quick now, I'm attempting to tan up without getting totally burnt, and so far managing! Save for those cheeky spots right under my eyes. Time for cream and selective spot-related shading strategies for optimal spread and progression... it's the same shizzle each Spring. Wonder if I'll get sun blisters this year, or if I'll manage the seasonal UV-raise related pacing and distribution a bit more ideally...

Y'all more thoroughly pigmented peeps have it easy!

See you in a week if the summer breeze keeps fleeting, my sleep does deepen; I don't keep depleting my soul and shun runs for Golden Sun fun.

Also updated the design page a bit. Been thinking for some time that I probably ought appear available and knowledgeable if some people do seek my work there - still more to do in that regard. But it's a start. To move to art. Branch out beyond company time.

Happy Easter! Feaster! Eater! Have some shine.


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  1. biterr
    Tuesday Apr/11/2023

    I haven't clicked onto (most) of those scientific and politic links cuz I want to keep my mind clean(leave some more space for dick jokes). It's a sin to not order a cameo from Jesus ( I ate tons of eggs and chocolate for Easter. I'll search up that game. Uff, I now can see suffering of people with light tan, I never had sun blisters. Happy Easter Monday and to you!

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Apr/11/2023

    lol, they're not all scientific at least, best click on the psychological and entertaining ones instead then. ;)

    Golden Sun: The Lost Age? It's not as fun without the actual portable console IMO, but do let me know if you try it! Curious what you'd think of it. If you mean GTA SA hell yeah that's a good one any way you play it!

    Sun blisters aren't as much a pain as they sound maybe but they really do get in the way of that ongoing tanning process. XD Good to hear you've been spared! Thus far. These years.

    Happy Easter Monday to you too biterr!

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