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Inktober #31.5 - Halloweeeen

It's Halloweeeeen! It's over. Been goin' like a machiiine!
Take a break Cyberdevil? I don't know what you meaaan!
I hear Black Clover is an anime best to be seeeen!
So I'll add it to my watchlist I guess. Watch list me!

Every time I add something to it, it gets to moving.
A bit more prolific these latest years with my music.
Every October swoop in and sure enough get to grooving.
Always something a brewing! Cauldron of strange new coolant!

And y'all better have the best night tonight, cause guess WHAT?!
I've gone all through the days of the month and I'm so stoked!
To turn this to a mixtape next year - if I don't go broke!
And last one this one! Though the time flies I'm wishing

It would slow down. Have so much more I want to try.
On these old grounds. But the doors they stream me by.
You don't know how. I feel when I go to bed every night.
Want to stay awake for another DAY at least, it's so frustrating

But never mind that though now I'm so PSYCHED!
Inktober over and out. Cyberdevil been making the rounds.
Range Rover on the Grounds. No obstacles can stop me stir!
Raise the dead like a gospel choir! Happy Halloween y'all!!!

And word out.


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