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Musicalish #102

Let there be music!

¡MAYDAY! - Against My Better Judgement

¡MAYDAY! ft. Tech N9ne & Stige- Know It

Walk off the Earth ft. Myles & Isaac - Hello (Tap Dance Cover)

Chris Rivers ft. Sheek Louch & Whispers - Headshotz

Dan Bull - FAR CRY 4 RAP

NoClue - Voices (Visual Montage)


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  1. S3C
    Friday Jan/29/2016

    In the beginning, God said let there be light. Hence, there was sound at that instant as sound is light just at an exponentially smaller frequency. Ergo, music is the mother of all sciences which makes sense on an etymological level (mu = mother, sic = sciences), theological/origin level, and physical level.

    Ironically, God made the Sun a few days later even though he had already created light and appropriately separated the parts of day to alternate between light and darkness. So, he was a little frustrated that he needlessly did all this work and took a couple days off. That's why we have weekends when God originally intended for us to only have one day of rest (Sunday).

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/30/2016

    That explains it all! :O

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