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Wormholes are all but just dreams or omens, they exist! Birds know them! They twist their beaks and go in. Dig up a little critter, ferociously jittery little twister, bitter his life turned out so different than he initially envisioned. Like bird feed, it's a fate no worms need... he thought to himself as he felt the Earth flee him, leave him to contemplate his meaning in the birds beak.


Abstract, like an auntie drinking a cup of ant tee she found in the pantry. Bandanna Jerry eating a banana by the cemetery, the heavy metal band Anna playing seven sermons heavy.


I'm not Jolly, I'm just Jelly.
Sitting by the telly I got noodles in my belly.
School is really, cruel cause they don't tell it,
Cool like all the cool kinds do I guess they're relics.
And I've been very, foolish this semester,
I've been on a quest to write reviews and do the next...


The difference of the trade is not that I do fade
It's what I got and where, it was I was not there
A lot I try to say but it's not a lot I play
On top I am, the spot I take for granted when I stand on top
And rock! Rock the spot when I'm on top, a lot...


Writing as few with a verse like a shoe,
You wear, trade places, life's a haiku,
Life's like a zoo, cows they go moo,
Some play it cool and suffice as a tool.
But me I would rather just sit back and dream,
Fingersweep keyboards, I'm a machine.
Write books in my sleep, books so damn deep,
That people are shook and like crooks due to weep,
Crooks with a conscience, I took and wiped clean.
Mine so I could mine my mind without being.
Inclined to refine my thoughts as I type, I'll bite,
I read, then writhe in insight!
Inspired I might be, but I'm one to frown,
If you claim this is about governments...
Shutting down.

Project 2015

I didn't get quite as good a head start on this project as I did last year, but starting today I'll be posting bits and pieces of leftover lyrics and random rhythmical device here, every day for the rest of the year. When and if I leave for vacation(s) I'll schedule a batch, or write them for the days I miss and post them later, as I did last time.

Even though last year's project wasn't at all as tedious to keep up with as the one from 2009, and kept me inspired through some dark times (not to mention it generated a lot of creative work!), I don't feel like tasking myself with the same thing for two years in a row. Yet I still want to do something, so I'll be doing something with those little somethings that otherwise maybe nothing might happen with: the rhymes and verse parts I occasionally write that get stuck in a file, that end up unfinished or abandoned or with time don't feel as motivating as that moment when I first wrote them.

That's what this project is all about: the leftover creativity, the little things I don't want to throw away but don't have much use for anyway. Maybe some of them will inspire further work in the future, maybe some of them will inspire You, and maybe I'll be able to focus more on new projects with some of the old stuff cleared out! ;) Though there'll probably be some new bits and pieces too when inspiration strikes.

Time to start the New Year challenge... commencing: Project 2015.

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