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Peak Norwegian Rewards

Norwegian Rewards

Free luggage, free seat reservation, free Fastrack and bonus points. :)

During the height of the pandemic Norwegian (the aviation company I've been flying the most with the last decade or so) extended the span of time in which your flights could qualify for rewards, and so for at least a while I managed to get pretty much all of them simultaneously! As seen above.

Good times. They lasted about a year, during an era in which airports overall were sparse with people, and planes sometimes almost empty... though it definitely wouldn't have been sustainable in the long run I truly enjoyed flying when barely anybody else did.

The Norwegian Reward system's been reformed a bit since.

The timespan for qualification is the same, but you need more flights to get even just one of these now... I hope to get free luggage again soon, but alas the full range of these is probably no longer a possibility for me.

It'd require flying at least every other week.

The New 100 Words

The New 100 Words

Here's the initial notice you received when visiting the recently redesigned 100 Words for the first time last year.

I'm not sure I 100% like the new design over the old design even now - the old one was charming in its own way, and more about the writing than the layout; the frills that come with it now. But they did squash a bundle of bugs, and it's both faster and feature-rich now!

So I do appreciate the new, until this too is old and views change, which in this world we skew... let's keep writing this through.

Screencap for posterity.

The Frigatebird And The Diamond Ring

The Frigatebird And The Diamond Ring

The Frigatebird And The Partial Eclipse may be even cooler though!

The Frigatebird And The Partial Eclipse

The Frigatebird And The Partial Eclipse

The Frigatebird And The Diamond Ring may be even cooler though!

Peak RyanAir Prices

RyanAir Prices

At their peak err lowest point, I mean.

Price-wise. In SEK. So 54 would be (currently) a bit less than 5 USD/flight!

I do wish they'd kept the national Stockholm to LuleƄ route running! At prices like these too ideally, though as it turns out it was but a temporary run to hook new customers - the color key here very misleading.

Neither price nor route lasted long, and now competitors just about doubled their pricing instead. The only competition for this route's now Norwegian and SAS, and SAS unfortunately are no good at keeping down prices, so Norwegian has little reason to either.

It was good while it lasted, even if their planes from Stockholm to LuleƄ went so early I had to either take in at a hotel or take a taxi to catch 'em, and thus they really weren't cheaper after all. I tried a hotel once...

The flights the other way were much better. They went around noon.

Good memories... screencap thus. RyanAir's good stuff.



This just might be the most comprehensive list of titular prefixes I've ever seen!

In at least two languages no less.

I'm a little impressed.

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