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Treat Somebody Like A Celebrity...

Treat someone like a celebrity and they'll treat you like a fan.


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  1. biterr
    Saturday Mar/4/2023

    This quote is a life hack. I've been treating @CyberD as my god and saviour since I've discovered ability to have a god and saviour. I've recived awesome soultouching description of my site in buddies page. Do you think that Jesus is fan of all Christians? -biterr-

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Mar/5/2023

    That wasn't really what I intended to convey here (though appreciate it)! XD I think we have more a mutually beneficial connection no? A level appreciation. That doesn't create needless hierarchy or borders between, but maybe being a fan actually is a good thing to be in some cases hmmmmmmmm... interesting.

    I guess... he could be!

    But if they all treat him as a celebrity maybe he'll treat them as fans instead.

    But then again being Jesus be ought know not to differentiate himself in such a way.

    What a paradox.

    Maybe you can be both.

  3. S3C
    Monday Mar/6/2023

    Jesus is a fan of everyone. Including non Christians.

  4. Cyber
    Monday Mar/6/2023

    Hmm hmm I guess Jesus = exception to the rule?

    Or this quote was noteth as sensible as it first seemed to be.

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