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Inktober #19 -The Cold World

Hey killreal! I'm sorry I haven't gotten to that mixtape yet. I will. I'll kill it for real. Here's a little taste... or something... to chase away those wraiths... hey!

I'm floating around this home feeling homeless,
Don't know if you know me or know this, I'm the youngest child not the oldest,
I was never the wildest or smartest, but I wasn't the weakest or slowest,
But I think that I am now the coldest, what's life but a pan on a moment?

Sitting by a little fire by a frozen lake! Looking at a big sun when I slowly wake!
Feel the warmth of its rays falling on my face! Then it moves... I forget how my freedom tastes!
I get stuck in these habits that keep me safe! But I chase something bigger, I make mistakes,
And regret them forever I guess that's my fate huh... as of late...

Does it really get better, where's my faith? I wish I really believed I could make a change
Or that there was a heaven, something great, waiting for us in space when I leave this place
But how can I believe in fairy tales? We all just get deceived on hearsay.
If we believe everything they tell us, but I am jealous, I wish I didn't think it's fake

And I wish I believed in the government! And I wish I believed in the punishment!
of injustice and evil and criminals! But I see them in the green digging minerals!
And I see them on the streets and in Synagogues! And in the Mosques and the Churches and in our Gods!
In our purses and Parliaments and it is odd! People look up to 'em like it isn't off.

How can we still believe in utopia! When we still keep bleeding from our open cuts?
When our media deceives and won't open up! When the banks just thieve and won't hold us up!
When mankind's greed is what slowly kills! Everything in this world that we haven't built!
That we cherish and admire as a miracle! And they say that God is in us all?

I don't want to say God is a criminal... but if there is a God then it's time he came,
To our lands with a flood to sweep us away, this lie that we live is too much to take,
Some days I just want to succumb to games, to the mainstream rush, to the hall of fame,
To the career stairs they want us to take, to the roof where there is nothing but

Tired old dudes waiting to fly away... in a sky grayed out... by pesticides and pollution.

We could make this heaven if we didn't stray.

Our future, it could be great...

Inktober #18 - Rep This

AKA The Rep Today, The Daily Rep, 300kg Psychoopharma...

Stressed out! How can I be less?
Not sitting on a bench but I don't just want to press.
I know that I am GOOD and I really should feel blessed.
But dues are piling up quick! Everything's a mess.

I cannot say NO I guess that's a problem innit?
Too many new things I don't want that keep beginning.
But you do need to live and freelancing is a winning.
Doing daily rounds but I never make an inning.

Some day I want to just get away and decompress!
Not from this sesh no but from everything else!
I want to just BE in the world by myself!
Put everything superficial on one of my shelves!

Along with all my comics, and all that is piling.
Wake up every day and try on a little smiling.
Need to sell away stuff, need some decompiling.
I'm like on an island in my room, all the childish things that loom!

I wake up hit the shower and get dressed!
Stress through the day... kind of like everyone else huh?
Flow's getting better by each second though I guess
So maybe something is a building with all of these reps

But I gotta do some dues now! Gotta get some done.
Save a rainy day for one I'll be in the sun.
Save a beat for when I have time to play around!
Working got me down, and I've gotta hit the town,

And the gas price is UP! And I think too our inflation.
Ate a lot of chips, guess I got some inflammation.
What the fuck is up with my health and this nation?
They go hand in hand though, like plague and cholera.

I was born in an era when it was cool to be a bearer!
Of true originality! So I make materia!
That is unlike anything that is out in this terra!
Terraform norms and transcend our critiera!

For what is accepted - get better bacteria!
Boost your microbiom and you'll be high in the sky yo!
Fly like a Pterodactyl or a Chimaira!
Shine y'all! I'll be back when I'm clearer.

Tomorrow maybe yeah uh.

Sometimes I just Agree With People...

Sometimes I just agree with people so they can stop talking.

Inktober #17 - Morning Earl

Cyberdevil in the morning, I'm kind of dizzy.
Just woke up opened my eyes and then it hit me!
I'll have the whole day free if I just write this quickly!
So here we go Geronimo! From zero to sixty!

Still kind of hyped from last night! I'm kind of tipsy.
Still on a high and I feel I'm getting alright quickly!
And thank you Nick for all these custom beats that you bring me!
Cus D'Amato of rap - in England you tha king G!

And I'm the Tyson! Never give up my fighting!
Till I'm old like a Titan, keep on throwing that lightning!
And wisdom when I speak up, he really is a viking
Warrior child shipping just living for the horizon!

Of Mice and Men you learn you ought a be humble...
Then you rethink things again if you're into Seinfeld.
Don't worry much live a bit and you move all free.
And in the morning don't drink too much coffee!

Often when I get up I'm tired and I wonder why.
I do have time to sleep but I wake with the morning light.
I can't sleep when I'm tired cause bedtime just gets my hyped!
It's dark it's calm it's quiet... I just want to write!

Like Jocko Willink I wish I'd start with a riot!
Get up 4:30 and work out till I'm exhausted!
Run into the kitchen veins popping out of my forehead!
Family looking at me like can it be he just lost it?

But I will too be fly, you will find.
I will find a dame who looks at me all goo-goo eyed...
I will find my place in life and be truly kind,
Help people and you too will shine. Truly.

So come on let's get up and get moving moving!
9:58 is early for this brooding ruin, wish I was snoozing snoozing!
If I could choose my wake-up time I think I'd choose tomorrow.
Dream all day then wake up fresh with the hugest bravo/growl!

Gotta get in balance but you gotta challenge yourself or what happens is that,
You get distracted from all you know really matters and won't happen in fact,
If you don't get out of your way to do it. So I'm a at 5 AM make music.
When I get my own house so I don't ruin peoples morning! You know they're only human.

Living the Truman Show a month here then I'll probably phase out.
I got so much work piling up while I am on this playground.
I feel I do not make the cut with how I manage days now.
Need to effectivize that's why for first steps I'll try:

Doing this real quick today! And maybe I can make some time. For tomorrow.

Getting up like an Early bird! Morning Earl.

Hear the world stir. Birds chirp with a burp burp.

Smirk playing on my face as I work words.

Can you call this work? Call it BERSERKER MERKER!!!

Kill the game like a real square circle jerker.

HurpADurvish once again man thank you truly.

Time to school me in the routines of a morning boogie.

Bogie one, flow is done! Check. Move it move it!

Groovy tunes soon to hit you in your medula hugest.

I cannot stop huh, if I keep going I'll truly lose it.

The day awaiting after this waking, that'd be truly stupid.

Fooly Cooly Whoo Kid! See y'all tomorrow.

Inktober #16 - No Cap Life

AKA Bizkit Style!

Uh! Cyberdevil! Jabun! Got a red cap for the occasion! This one's for the old not for the ancient! For the gold, for the significant (other), three dollar fold yo! Other roads, sup with Toads supper toast hah!


We back in business! Poppin' off the top just like a bizkit!
Dropping in to rock this stiff and maybe make some mischief!
Enlist in the army of the vicious, supercool nutritious!
Cyberdevil looming in the distance!

You got your Ritalin I got my own ambitions!
Don't want to calm down or be blue I want to stickshift!
And I got patience like a tick sitting in this bitch
Sucking up all energy until it's time to rip this!

People gon' look back at all this like hieroglyphics!
Don't understand my riddling now so how can history?
But winners write it all so if I win it'll be no mystery,
Busy bee this Bob and I'm going up NOT six feet

Underground! Y'all been waiting till I come around!
Collabing with Jabun for the grungiest sound to gun 'em down,
Run this town now cause time flies we gon' die in a blink,
We're all mayflies so fly till you sink! Uh!

( Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Live like we're kings!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Just an average bloke hangin' with the pharaohs!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Live like we're kings!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Here we go, never slow, vamonos! )

I started running kept on running with a thunder!
I spent my summer doing saults throwing hundred dollar bundles!
In my imagination! Affirmation that will make it happen!
Now back in attacking tracks with still intact elation!

Acclamation points on point, accolade actualization!
Proclamation pro rolling in dough in just a span of waiting.
Consequences on sequential daily verses confirmation,
Collabing like crazy and I pray that I will keep on changing!

Always growing going over boulders like a rolling cauldron,
Mixing up the picture with my miniature imagination.
Never mind me I'll just be one of the greatest! I run eights!
Infinity stones tied under my face!

Never tongue-tied! Never watered down fire!
Fuck the world, let it burn, let the unicorns fly!
Bad times pass if you are alive you are some guy!
Go for the cold nugget and don't ever run dry!


Inktober #15 - Resistance

I met some kind of resistance.
You know I'm never really bored, but the night is pretty late now and I've gotta perform.
I've had time to write today, but for some reason I stalled.
And now time has run away and I've an hour till I snore.

Ate a musty dinner so I can not do no fast rap!
Feeling pretty tired though I really repped my last nap.
Need to just combobulate, bring myself to populate,
Empty lines inaugurate, new kingdoms with the oddest shapes.

I'm beyond the greats! But is that after or before?
The pyramids were old but there's a camel mold that's more.
Though if you do compare them I assume it'd be apparent,
The camel etch though old's just not as awesome a mysterium.


I met some kind of resistance.
So now we've got to go to war! Going out with the guerrilla Priscilla for a new tour!
Through the jungle where the illers are killers on the dirt floors!
And we pillage every village for spillage of you and yours!

Like wannabe governments we're all about empowerment!
Power to the people to devour all the other ends!
Menace to society is: men who won't quiet as you wish.
Who have ideas that'd assist. More so the weary than rich.

Scary air in here in the world where bombs are bearing the births!
Of all new feuds where the thirst for blood is searing our worth!
And nothing's holy just cursed! Be it a mosque or a church!
Used to be havens of peace! Now they're for fear and for grief!

All just a bang for a beef that's been millenia long!
How long will this carry on? When will the rich and the strong?
Stop stomping on all who want for something different and new!
Something to better ourselves, from this bitterest feud!


I met some kind of resistance.
But they listened when I spoke to 'em! We had different ideas but we could joke and poke at 'em.
They had arguments too and some of them totes do make sense.
So we debate and grate each other until one bends.

Should be a war of the minds. Should be the wise that will lead.
But we're too stupid to listen, it's only lies we believe.
The falser things are compelling but there's no selling the truth.
So get it into your melon - it's a felon's excuse!

To shape this world as they please. To make the norm the disease.
When we keep spreading the ether believing we are the free.
Feeble and trife are the weak. We've got these knifes to our beaks.
But we don't even see them! We are the suicide squad y-all!!! Heathen freedom.

I met some kind of resistance.

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