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Week 50 - Movies

It's been a good week!

Apparently I made the cut for that commercial I spoke about earlier, which should be airing soon; might be popping up around YT as I write this (though only locally - I doubt you international majority viewers will see any Swedish cellphone commercials on your side of the world), which is awesome! Getting the first job you apply for probably isn't the norm either. :P It filled up my bank account just in time, with funds finally reaching null after steady decline.

I'll be studying a third Creative Writing course next semester (alongside potential work), I've been playing around with 'something else' and 'nothing special' and will probably have both of those done tomorrow (it's really something else... nothing special!), I signed up for the yearly Christmas Collab at NG, sent in a custom card for the holiday-specific card exchange, spent a day shopping presents with a buddy and I've been watching a buncha movies. I'm all caught up on anime, NG, and I wish I could say the same for this site but at least I posted a ton of reviews today. And before that: created shortcodes for all future review ratings. Now, instead of typing in:

<span class="rated1">1/5</span>

I can just type in rated1, with brackets, and WP will transform it to the above. :) There's also the added benefit that I'll be able to change the appearance of all ratings in one swoop instead of having to go through them one by one, or by doing a database search... as I will to change all existing ratings after this. Shortcodes are way better than just custom CSS styling for simple containers, I'll probably be using them for all kinds of content blocks this next year. Probably to create all kinds of new content blocks I'll soon realize I don't actually need and later remove, but until that day I'm hyped up about this newly discovered feature!

I'm trying to get some work done on the layout as well, hoping but not really expecting to have the renovation done before the new year arrives. There's so much stuff to go through.

Speaking of stuff to go through, I started this month by throwing together a BAT file for advent calenders , just like I did last year. For the first week or so I checked all of them every day, for the second week mostly every day, this week... mostly not at all. It feels time is a lacking and this is just a waste of time. If I win something it wouldn't be, but since I still haven't won anything (not last year either) I'm loosing motivation a bit.

It's a bit late, but here's this years list of links. Just click the .BAT and they'll all open up in your browser, preferably when your browser is already open or they might all open up in new windows rather than tabs. You can also right click and 'edit' the file to see there's nothing fishy going on, it's just a list of links.

So... elsewise? GOG just started their winter sale and as usual they're using their unorthodix business models to lure me in and make me buy a ton of games. Fortunately it looks like I've already bought most of them. :)

Collected Bullfrog Classics

I was made aware of Wifog too, a brand new Swedish service provider offering an alloted amount of free calls/messages every month as well as unlimited surf as long as you watch a minute-long ad every two hours or 100 megabytes. So basically, an ad-financed cellphone subscription, for free. Sound good? I thought so too, so of course I ordered a card.

Thank You For Your Order!

I'm not much for cellphones, but for the rare occasions when I might need one this seems perfect. It's now 23:23 so this seems like the right place to end this post. Hope the next one will be just as full of only good news! Here's last week.


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