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Words I Typoed All The Time, 2009

Project 2009 is complete! You can browse the archive here if you like. Now, maybe you read this collection back in 2009 and notice a surprising lack of typos now. Maybe you wonder what happened to all those typos?! Well, let me tell you what happened: I removed those typos.

I've posted two parts of these earlier, but now, here is the full list of words I commonly typed wrong back in 2009. In alphabetical order this time, unfixed and uncensored. To my great shame, yet as a showcase of grammatical growth and the potential of improvement each human is capable of, I bring to you the full list of completely unnecessary and probably pointless Project 2009 typos:

Adviced, allthough, appauling, appriciate, asstounding, chrystal, confy (as in confide), consience, comprehenssion, constorts, dimminish, dissapears, dissorder, dorment, dussin, elfs, excert, frency, frightning, frontair, graundeure, gritt, halfs, hopp, humurous, inrich (as in enrich), invigour, lawfull, lept, liason, matt (as in mat), missery, missunderstanding, neighbours, nickles, noone, oppresive, oyester, paroll, pebbels, persistant, pettle, pirch (as in perch), porche (as in porch), portrayl, Posiedon, qwell, rootbear, rythem, sandle (as in sandal), sais, seige, screaches, seak, sulphur, summersault, tence (as in tense), theire, treatops, verticle and witts!

Now forgot about this and go check that archive.


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