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#365 March 21

I missed one poem! On March 21. That's why the count is wrong. But that's alright, right? I'm not sure what happened that one day. Maybe I forgot about it entirely. Maybe I lost the poem. Whatever it was, it was a long time ago now. As for the count: this is the original count. I probably didn't realize I'd missed a day until the very end of 2009.

It was a blast though. So many poems. So much creativity. One full year of writing every... single... day! Just like 2014. Though I didn't write any of this in advance. Taking into consideration also the amount of time I spent on each particular poem - and how I sometimes posted more than one for each day (and still have leftovers unposted that just weren´t good enough... or suitable), this was a much more ambitious project. I guess that's why it took a few years before I had the energy to do it again.

All the poems below were originally posted on a separate platform that I've since then taken down, but as of today they've all been migrated to this one. It was a lot of work; a lot of typos! :) I also had a habit of putting words together, even when they weren't supposed to be put together. Words like nightsky or goldenbolder (I just made those up, but that´s the type of words I sometimes combined). I haven't changed most of those, since they´re kinda part of the poems by now. They make things different. Typos in titles may also remain since it's no longer certain what´s a typo and what´s a word I made up. After all, titles are wor(l)ds of their own.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the trip! Time for the next big project.


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