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Fat Tuesday Today!

It's that time of the year again, but with a twist! I'm now gluten-free, and though we did find a couple cafés that that served such alternative semlor, we made our own instead. I had a RAW-food semla this weekend, courtesy of my sister (that was interesting), but today it was time for the real deal, as depicted below.

Fat Tuesday Today!

I actually bought a semla last year, since we didn't get around to making any of our own in time. Maybe because it was three weeks earlier into the New Year and we hadn't really settled in yet? Maybe.

I was trying to avoid gluten last year too, but made an exception for this one day, ran over to the nearest café and waited in line an hour long time to buy my bread, before I biked home in a frenzy and savored it by the screen with a cold glass of apple cider. It was delicious. It was sweet and fluffy and soft, and honestly a lot better than this year's.

Oats don't really compare to wheat, huh. This one was a bit dry, and salt, and compact - but the almonds, honey and mountain of cream softened it up a bit. I think next year we'll try a different recipe... or maybe buy one, once again. It's a special day after all.

But hey, that's not to say it wasn't delicious! It just didn't compare to the bread I'm used to. A couple do remain for future day savoring, and I shall savor those to their fullest.

Happy Fat Tuesday y'all. And that's fat as in cream - you don't need to gain weight to celebrate.


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