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Fairy Tail 4

Second part of the rich guy in the house that just got blown up with the book that Lucy, Natsu & Happy are looking for saga. Here's a quick reminder of how the house looked when it blew up...

The House That Got Blown Up

And then? Keep reading!


Fairy Tail 3

Lucy is part of the guild. She's found a nice apartment with cheap rent and everything is going OK until suddenly Natsu appears out of nowhere. Anyway...

Contract Negotiation


Fairy Tail 2

Lucy arrives at Fairy Tail. Time to introduce all the main guild members!

Lucy At Fairy Tail


Fairy Tail 1

In an alternative world, maybe in another universe, there's a place where magic exists. Some people make a living off their magic. These people are called mages. All around the world there are different guilds where mages go together to make money, one of them, is called Fairy Tail. This is the first episode, and that's the introduction. Now on to the real chain of events.

Swirls Of Smoke


Fairy Tale Licensed

That's the news, here's the quote:

The North American anime distributor Funimation announced at its Sakura-Con panel on Friday that it licensed the first 48 episodes of the Fairy Tail fantasy adventure television anime series and The Treasure Hunter (Ci Ling) live-action film.

As is the case every time a great Japanese series is licensed by an American corporation, I don't see good things lying ahead. I haven't even started watching this series and already it's about to be deformed close to unrecognizability. On the bright side, at least it took 111 episodes. I miss the days when series had to stop airing and collect dust a few years before being licensed was even a possibility. Both legal and moral dilemmas are brought forth when foreign media is secured for distribution on official channels all around the globe. Oh well, so far it's only 48 episodes, hope they outrun Funimation. :P

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